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3 Month Car Insurance

As per changing circumstances drivers now face, the insurance industry is trying to keep up with driver demands and thus has made it possible for drivers to insure for the short term, even for 3 months.  We can quote you on a 3-month car insurance using our specialist car insurance provider we have on our panel.

Generally speaking, 3-month car insurance policy has to be too expensive however it is not competitively priced to insure your car this way.  However, there are various options and lengths of time you can insure your car for depends on your needs such as:

3 Month Car Insurance Plan

  • 1-day car insurance
  • 1-week car insurance
  • 1-month car insurance
  • 2-month car insurance
  • 3-month car insurance
  • 6-month car insurance

3 Month Car Insurance

There are various reasons why drivers would want to obtain a car insurance quote for a 3 month period only such as:

  • Moving abroad
  • Selling the car
  • Insuring a cherished, classic or high-performance car that is used occasionally
  • Working away for 3 month period
  • Wanting to add a car only for temporary period
  • Wanting to add an additional driver only for 3 month period
  • Occasional drivers


Drivers seeking 3-month car insurance cover must note that it would be a difficult to get this type of cover at a competitive premium unless they are in contact with a reputable insurance broker who has a number of specialist short term car insurance providers on their panel.  This where we specialize in having a list of insurers who are active in providing short term car insurance.


The owner of the vehicle will either add an additional driver to the policy on a temporary basis.  The owner of the vehicle may want to allow you to arrange a policy that covers you to use their vehicle or car.  Once the policy has started, the drivers can then drive until the end date and time and should not go over the agreed timeframe.


Generally speaking, a 3-month short term car insurance policy is fully comprehensive, however, there are some insurers who can insure on a third party policy.  Sometimes it is cheaper to take out a 3-month car insurance policy than to amend a 12-month policy but a lot of it depends on individual and personal circumstances and also the

type and age of the car you are trying to insure.


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3 Month Car Insurance
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