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Cheap Car Insurance For First-Time Drivers

Car insurance for first-time drivers is expensive because driving license novices are classified into a special class. However, there are ways to get a cheap car insurance.Once the driving test has been mastered, many young people are looking forward to their first own car. However, the car insurance is usually very expensive for novice drivers. For many, a car means a step towards independence, especially in the countryside. But the step into one’s own mobility is expensive. In addition to the costs for vehicle and fuel, drivers must spend a lot of money on statutory motor vehicle liability insurance.

Driving License Immediately, Car Later

A driver’s license should be as fresh as possible, even if you do not want to buy a car. If later a car insurance is to be completed, one is no longer considered a bloody beginner. Anyone who has a driving license for more than three years is given a better rating. It is often only 120 percent instead of 240 percent.

From relatives, beginners can be transferred to car insurance. The relative loses his good rating. This way is only worthwhile if a family member finally leaves the car. Typically, the grandma or grandpa: The discount voucher is however limited, the beneficiary can only be credited with the harmless years, in which he could also have driven a car, thus a driving license possessed.

Early driver’s license also pays off here. Thus, a 20-year-old can not completely inherit Opas 30-percent class. Worthwhile is the transfer therefore for older beginners, which can be many harmless years to credit. The exact conditions must be negotiated with the insurance for first-time Drivers Company.

Registration As The Second Car

The new car can be registered as a second car by a parent. This always bypasses the penalty class for beginners. For some insurance for first-time Drivers companies, it is even possible to get the damage-free class of the first car for the second car. Make sure that the beginner is allowed to drive the second car. Some insurance companies close under 24 as drivers, to offer motorists a cheap insurance for a real second car.

Also, check whether the insurance combines the harmlessness classes of the contracts. If the novice then causes an accident, this model will be high on both policies. Such a contract should not be concluded. The second car can also be insured with a company other than the first vehicle.

Start With Small Machines

Beginners are punished with high percentages. With a small basic amount, this is less important than a high one. The least expensive can be motorized motorbikes or motor scooters. This is only meaningful with a corresponding driving license. Without a motorcycle driving license, the more exotic quads and trikes, which can also be driven with the car driving license, for a ten hp machine, the motor vehicle liability costs about 150 euros a year. Added discount rates can be transferred to a car insurance at a later date.

Insure Cheap Cars Cheaply

In the case of a low-priced vehicle, full insurance and partial cover can be waived for motor insurance. If the vehicle has only a value of 1200 euros, it is not worthwhile to insure it against damage. The risk of theft is also likely to be low. The waiver of these insurances reduces the insurance for first-time Drivers contribution enormously. The loss-free allowance is also applied to full insurance, a rating of 240 per cent is, therefore, more expensive.

Start With A Grandma Car

Sporty small cars – called racing tires – are unpopular with insurance companies because their drivers cause a lot of accidents. Here it does not depend on the pure power – it is usually far behind that of a medium-class car – but on the image. These vehicles should avoid beginners. A better classification in the so-called type class usually get the darlings of pensioners. These include the A-Class from Mercedes and the Golf Plus from Volkswagen.

Driving Safety Training And Accompanied Driving

Participation in driving safety training improves the classification of novice drivers in some insurance companies, as does participation in accompanying driving from 17.

The Easy Way Is Family Insurance

A motorcycle in the cellar, second cars, and discount transfers – these methods are too cumbersome to many. The straight path for a good start-up insurance is through family insurance. Some insurance companies offer favorable conditions when several vehicles of a family are registered with them. The special penalties for beginners are then mostly omitted. Ratings of 120 or 100 percent are possible without problems if the family has already insured several cars with a good classification.

Do Not Cause Accidents

Beginners are badly categorized because they cause many accidents. This should be a warning to drive as carefully and without accidents as possible. No matter how clever you are at the end of the insurance for first-time Drivers, one or even several accidents will make you highly sensitive. If on the other hand, you are left with no accident, the contributions to car insurance are reduced particularly strongly in the first few years.

Finally, the price differences between car insurance are very large, so do not let yourself be blinded by percentages: An expensive insurance remains expensive, even if you start with good percentages. An insurance comparison such as the Arkwright Insurance Brokers shows the best offers. A beginner with an older car can also look for cheap insurance for first-time Drivers that offers little more than the legal standards. In the case of a low value of the vehicle, one can dispense with services which are useful for a new vehicle.


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Cheap Car Insurance For First-Time Drivers
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