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Car Insurance London

Car Insurance London

London is one of the most famous and beautiful cities in the world. It is the capital of United Kingdom and has many historical buildings. The city, situated on the banks of Tames River, is a 21st-century city with history back to Roman times. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world. So far as the traffic is concerned, there is a great rush on its roads always. There are more chances of collision due to this rush. It is a lot difficult for the new ones to be able to drive in London.

Apart from possessing a UK driving license, there is always need for car insurance in London to keep yourself safe from every kind of vehicle damage. There are different companies offering different types of policies and it is, therefore, necessary to research thoroughly about these and then selects the one with more benefits.

Tips to get Cheapest Car Insurance in London

 Car Insurance London


United Kingdom law does not allow a person to drive a car without insurance. Therefore, it is a must to buy an insurance policy in London. It is up to you that what kind of policy you are going to get. However, there are some tips to follow while buying a car insurance London policy.

These are:

  1. Search for the Best
  2. Only Put Regular Driver
  3. Increase Voluntary Excess
  4. Secure your Car
  5. Travel Less Miles
  6. Think Carefully Before Adding new Drivers
  7. Use Garage
  8. Subscribe Black box Policy


1-Search for the Best

The very first thing to keep in mind while going to buy a car insurance London policy for your car is to make a research. There are many insurance companies operating in London each with a different rate, benefit, and premium. Therefore, it is necessary to search for the best company after comparing their rates and coverage.

2-Only Put Regular Driver

The second thing to keep in mind while buying car insurance is to put the regular driver on the policy. This is because if you will put more drivers on the policy your cost will increase. However, you can add any of your friends for some days.

3-Increase Voluntary Excess

Another very good thing that people follow in London is voluntary excess. It is also very beneficial as paying more will decrease the premium. It will not feel you like a burden. The payment here means the cost extra than incurred in an accident.

4-Secure your Car

The next very important thing is the security of your car. Almost all the insurance companies offer discounts on more security measures taken for the cars. It means the more secure your car is, the more secure you are in paying insurance. All the new cars in London come with trackers, and security alarms. So, always declare these things and get a discount of minimum 5%. This will also lessen your burden to some extent.

5-Travel less Miles

Travelling less miles also helps a lot in decreasing the insurance expenditures. Travelling less than 5000 miles will save approximately 50 pounds and in the same way it goes on. Here, one thing to keep in mind is that always be honest in declaration of miles. In London due to great rush of traffic people usually do not travel long except on holidays. This is saves their annual outstanding premium.

6-Think before Adding New Drivers

Another very impressive technique in car insurance is to name only a single driver. This single person name will decrease your insurance amount. But if you will include more persons, the insurance will also increase. And in case of any problem if you want to hire more drivers, always think a lot before selection. Their age counts a lot in selection. Driving in London is not easy for the new drivers, therefore, select the person with maximum experience and this will make you safe both financially and physically.

7-Use Garage

All the insurance companies in London appreciate the garage. Therefore, it is necessary for you to park your car in garage. This will increase your safety and also decrease the danger of extreme weather effects. The cars that are used carefully are always given some relaxation in the premium.


8-Subscribe Black Box Policy

Like airplanes, many insurance companies offer to install a system or black box in your car to monitor your driving. If you or your driver is good at driving with almost no chance of errors, get this black box installed in your car. The companies give special discounts to persons who get these installed.

One very interesting fact to note here is that East London people usually pay more for insurance than West London people. This is because in East London there is always a great rush of traffic and chances of collisions are more.

In conclusion, we can say that one can save a lot by acting upon some little principles in London and the most important saving is in sensible driving.

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Car Insurance London
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