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If you are looking for car insurance in Bolton, then you will need an insurance company that you can easily depend on. It is essential to find a company you can trust, as most of them out there are just looking for ways to make money; and they do not even give you back the services for the money you are paying them. Which is why it is highly advised to look at a few different service providers before settling on one. If you are looking for a cheap car insurance Bolton, then you have come to the right place. Because we will tell you how to attain a cheap car insurance while making sure you are getting all the benefits you can.

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Anyone who has taken out a car insurance can tell you, that your car insurance premium is what makes your car insurance so expensive. So we have listed down a few ways you can reduce your car insurance premium, to save money. Here are five easy tips to follow, that can help you save money on your car insurance.

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No claims discounts No Claims bonus or (NCB), or noclaims discount, is discount given for the number of years in which you haven’t made a claim on your car insurance policy. The discounts varies from insurer to insurer, however maximum NCB is usually calculated five years or more, for example, you current insurers should be able to tell you how many years you have as certain insurers will give you further discounts for 6, 7, 8, 9 years and so on. 


Safety – there are cars that come with car safety and security features, these cars are the ideal candidates for getting a discount. It is quite simple, as these cars are packed with features, for instance, antilock brakes, and airbags; along with security features such as ant theft, and engine cut off system. These cars automatically qualify for a discount, as they do not require as much insurance coverage as others do. These cars are less likely to be in an accident, or stolen, so they do not need such intense features in their insurance.


Excess – it is a well-known fact, that the higher your excess are, the lower your premium will be. For instance, if you choose for your excess to be high, it shows that you are willing to pay in the event of a claim is higher. These excesses can range from various numbers. So keep in mind, the higher your excess; the lower your premium will be. 


Advance driving courses – there are some vehicle insurance companies, that are offering a discount to drivers who have successfully completed their safe driving course. A defensive driving course can be completed from any accredited institution. These courses are great for teenagers and seniors, but they can be taken by any driver. So check to see if your insurance company offers a discount for drivers who have a certified letter showing they have successfully completed their defensive driving course.


Garage – if you have a garage, and you are not using it to park your car; it is time to clean out that garage. There are insurance companies that offer a special discount, if you are parking your vehicles inside a closed garage. As this adds a layer of safety, and security; it automatically lessens the chances of your vehicle getting damaged or stolen. So if you do have a garage, and you are not using it; this will be an ideal time to start using it.


Insurance quotes – if you are taking out a car insurance for the first time, or are taking on a new car insurance; then the first thing you need to do is compare a few car insurances. This does not mean, compare their prices, it means you should compare the services they are offering you for those prices. It is always best to choose a company that is offering you the services you actually want, this will help pick out the best insurance for your vehicle. The best way is to request a quote for your vehicle, and can compare that with the quotes you have requested from other insurance companies.


Comprehensive Insurance Cover

What you will get if with comprehensive cover (dependant on insurance company you insure with):-

  • No admin fees
  • Accidental damage cover to your vehicle
  • 7 day car repair
  • 24/7 accident recovery telephone helpline
  • Guaranteed Car Hire
  • Windscreen damage
  • Medical treatment cover
  • Used car replacement
  • Personal accident assistance
  • Damage to third part vehicle
  • Fire and theft
  • Expenses for medical treatment

and many more…….