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commercial van insurance

Commercial Van Insurance

Commercial Van Insurance is a mode of transport and a livelihood for many entrepreneurs and small business owners. Its multitude of uses would range from transport, delivering products to carrying your work tools that you need to function. In this case the van is measured with immense value.

Commercial Van Insurance Quotes Online

When the function of your van is disrupted it can be a major inconvenience and a dent on your income and efficiency. It is very important that is mended and you get back to business for the sustainability of your service and financial gains.


Commercial Van Insurance


Many reasons that are causes of concern are theft, damage and a minor accident. Sometimes there would a breakdown and mechanical error during the time you need it the most.

The wise and the only solution that has validity is to get a van insurance. With many choices being offered it’s important to choose one that has the most options and is reliable, with cost effectiveness in mind.


What are the aspects to look into when choosing a van insurance?

  • Should give great value for money
  • The amount of legal cover
  • Helpline that could be reached at any time, preferably a 24-hour hotline
  • Covering all-inclusive policies
  • It should have a wide range of coverage, not only the UK but in the whole EU would be a definite advantage
  • Should be very efficient and accessible. The availability in the minimum amount of timeframe so the driver or you do not have stay long on the road.


What type of Insurance would best suit you?

In the UK there are four main van insurance policies that the main insurance companies adhere to, with different categories and different pricings.

  • Basic standard coverage


This is minimal standard procedure maintenance by many companies. These would have limitations in their offered services, and the benefits would differ. It is noticeably important to mention if you are using your van as a mode of business and specify the requirements and benefits you need, tailor the package according to your individual preferences

  • Transit cover for goods that are damaged or lost.


This is a very important aspect and should be highly advantages if the purpose of the van you use is for transporting valuable, unsafe or risky. This goods transit policy is usually not offered in the standard coverage. This feature included enables you to have the support and claim if the items are lost or damaged during delivery or transit

  • Insurance for courier


In the instance and circumstances that you are travelling a long distance and delivering goods that do not belong to you but are considered priceless and expensive, it is always better to get this courier policy, it is highly recommended for your own safety and peace.

  • Pickup truck policies


In the UK pickup truck are considered as vans, they too fall in the category of van policies due to the amount of weight they carry and their similar purposes


With the various options, make sure to choose exactly what you need.

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