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Ford insurance

When looking to insuring Ford, you should find an insurance Broker who has been established for some time as they will be able to find better market rates.  They will also be well experienced in providing you with the most suitable policy for your circumstances and needs.  Even before considering which Ford car model to buy, check the insurance group it falls into, as it will give you an idea of how expensive or cheap insurance might be.

Ford insurance

What to consider when looking ensuring Ford car

Generally, Ford cars fall into insurance groups ranging from 4 to 36 depending on the model and also sometimes the age of the car can also determine which insurance group it falls into.

Here are some points we have listed to help with what to look for when insuring Ford car:-

  1. Ensure the insurance Broker is the UK based as international Brokers can go out of business anytime
  2. Ensure you find an insurance Broker who has been around for some time
  3. Check what type of Policy you are being offered
  4. Look around for quotes online but this may not be the best thing to do if your Ford car has modifications or is a high-performance spec
  5. Don’t always go for the cheapest quote on the market as sometimes it may be that the Policy you are getting isn’t always suitable or it has limitations
  6. Give accurate details of the car and also your personal details whilst running a quote
  7. Your No-Claims-Bonus, driving history, driving experience, living address, car model, occupation etc will all have an impact on the insurance quote rate that you will get
  8. Once you purchase the insurance cover, ensure the Policy document has your personal and car details shown correctly

Increasingly, more and more drivers are checking insurance quotes online, which can help as a starting point sometimes.  However, online quotes aren’t always the cheapest and mistakes can be made very easily.  Online quote systems don’t generally cover modifications you may have and also don’t always cover high-performance cars.

Comprehensive cover insurance

Our comprehensive insurance cover will protect your Ford inside and out.  Having said this, it is sometimes useful to take out optional extras which will help you have all the protection you need.  Even, if you are only going to use your Ford for shopping or just for social and domestic.

Here are some points a comprehensive insurance will cover:-

  • Damage to your car
  • Injury to another person
  • Damage to another party’s car
  • Courtesy car
  • Cover against vandalism/theft
  • Loss of personal contents
  • Audio equipment
  • Injuries to the driver of the vehicle
  • Injuries to the passenger of either vehicle

Ford insurance

This list is general and not all insurers will cover everything mentioned as some may cover additional as part of their standard comprehensive insurance policy.  For example cover for windscreen damage.  The driver should check the Policy wording and other Policy documents provided by the Broker.

What extra can I purchase?

The following can be purchased as additional extras:-

  • Breakdown Cover (check if you UK only or with European)
  • No Claims Discount Protection
  • Courtesy Car Upgrade (check if this available first)
  • Windscreen Protection (check if standard comprehensive policy has this or not)
  • Legal Cover
  • Key Care
  • Accident Recovery (check if breakdown cover has this or not)
  • GAP Insurance
  • Roof Box & Trailer
  • Alloy Cover
  • Tyre Cover

Third Part Insurance Cover (what is covered)

Say if you are driving along normally and then you accidentally crash into the back of a car in front of you.  In this kind of situation your third part insurance policy will generally cover the following:-

  1. For Injuries to the passengers in either car
  2. For injuries to the third party’s driver
  3. For damage to the third party’s car
  4. For third party’s policy excess
  5. For damage to third party’s property


Third Part Insurance Cover (what is not covered)

If we use the same scenario as above, the following will not be covered by your third party insurance cover policy:-

  1. For injuries to yourself
  2. For damage to your car, including for fire & theft on the third party’s policies

However, you can be covered for these under third-party, fire and theft insurance policy.

We have insured thousands of Ford car models and have specialist rates with our insurers.  We can cover any model including high-performance, imported, modifications, left-hand-drive, 4×4 and off-road, classic car and American cars.  Call us on 01204 392 525 or email us at and one of our professional agents will help you to get your Ford car insured in no time at a competitive rate.