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How to Get Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Specificities of Commercial Vehicle Insurance: Light utility vehicles (LUVs) are used to carry goods with a maximum load of 3.5 tonnes. It is characterised by a rear area for loading and storing goods. On the certificate of registration, this type of professional vehicle is identified by the mention N1. The light commercial vehicle is most often a working instrument and therefore benefits from specific insurance policies.

The owners of commercial vehicles have the same legal obligations as the owners of passenger vehicles: they must subscribe to third-party liability or insurance. In addition to this coverage, most of the benefits of classic automobile insurance are generally included: all accidents, bodily injury, theft, assistance, legal protection.

Utilities are often used for the transport of goods in the professional setting. They are also more expensive; Therefore, it is recommended that you take out specific guarantees:

  • Insurance of transported goods: professional equipment, tools, documents.
  • Coverage of facilities and professional equipment
  • Maintenance or repair of the rear area
  • Reimbursement of value in case of theft or destruction of the utility
  • Loss of Operation: Coverage of Loss of Profit Due to Vehicle Downtime

These insurances offer protection and safety for your company’s cars against possible damages that may arise. Guarantee your entire commercial fleet with very affordable prices.

How to Get Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Types of Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Lightweight vehicles

A complete insurance with which you will provide protection against different eventualities to the vehicles of the company whose gross weight is less than 2,700 kg. Its coverage includes damage to the vehicle due to fire, collision, overturning, theft, civil liability, damage due to nature risks, assistance on the road and death or disability in the passenger seat. These coverages can be adjusted around three levels: Elemental, Basic and Full.

Heavy vehicles

Ideal insurance to cover vehicles such as trucks, tractor trucks, buses, minibuses (provided they are used for private passenger transport), trailers, semitrailers, trailers, and trailers. It has coverage for property damage, theft, civil liability, criminal defence or assistance to vehicles.

What are professional vehicles insurance?

Car insurance can be contracted as private or as a business. The difference makes the use of the car. Commercial vehicles – trucks, vans, vans, fleets of company cars – are vehicles that are given professional use, such as freight transport or customer service in the case of supply companies. Depending on this usage, we may even find companies that do not want to insure it.

And it is that vehicles are exposed to a greater risk, and only by the frequency of use; A risk that may be even greater depending on what professional use is being given (a delivery van is not the same as, say, the vehicle that a company makes available to a commercial).

Commercial vehicle insurance should pay more attention to the immediate resolution of incidents and, in general, all coverages that allow the insured to always have a vehicle since it is not only a means of transport but a working tool without the Which can not continue its activity.

Types of insurance for professional vehicles

The vehicles of both the self-employed and companies are considered as company vehicles and insured as such. Although the policy modalities are the same, certain benefits are emphasised about others, since the needs of these drivers vary from those of a private individual.

First and foremost, they are safe in which multiple risks are contemplated, so in the case of company vehicles there is greater flexibility to configure the policy to our measure, with a series of optional coverages with which to extend the guarantees that We hire In any case, you can hire:

Insurance of basic commercial vehicles or third parties: with the basic guarantees, like any other compulsory insurance, that is, Civil Liability and Legal defence.

Commercial vehicle insurance to third parties with moons: with coverage in case of breakage.

Extended commercial vehicle insurance to third parties: to the coverage of moons, theft, and fire can be added, depending on the company, some important safeguards for commercial vehicles, such as the replacement vehicle or roadside assistance.

Insurance of commercial vehicles at all risk, with or without deductible: they cover in case of own damages and can count on coverages that assure the tranquillity and the income of the worker. Even in the case of withdrawal of the card with the provision of a subsidy and the Aid to carry out the courses of recovery of pertinent points.

Types of Commercial Vehicles

Within the commercial vehicles we can find the following classification:

Vans: These are four-wheeled vehicles or more intended for the transport of goods. In this type of car, the cab is not in any way included with the rest of the body.

Vans: they are of a somewhat larger size than vans, also destined to transport goods. They can be configured or conditioned for certain transports: for example, refrigerated vans.

Trucks: we could consider them the light version of the truck, with smaller dimensions and a weight limitation (up to 3,500 kg.)

Fleets of vehicles: fleets are considered to be a group of at least 25 vehicles (whether passenger cars or vans or any other type of commercial vehicle), shared by the owner or owners (those who are owners of the company).

In the case of commercial vehicle aids, different amounts are established for the different categories: acquiring an adapted tourism (category M1 with multi-purpose AF body) or a van or van (category N1, wіth a mаxіmum аuthоrіzеd mаѕѕ of lеѕѕ thаn 2,500 kg. , An aid of € 1,000 can be obtained. This aid amounts to € 2,000 when it comes to commercial vehicles of category N1 but with an MMA of 2,500 kg or more.

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