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Listed Property Cover

What is covered by listed property insurance cover policy?


Arkwright Insurance Brokers strongly advises owners of listed buildings or buildings in conservations areas to get the right policy as this requires specialised cover policy.  In order to get the right policy get a detailed specialist valuation from a accredited surveyors and architects to help you to get the right policy. 


How much does insurance cost on a grade 2 listed building?


Most of the listed buildings in the UK are a grade type 2 building and insuring such properties can costs different from property to property.  The cost of insuring such properties can be higher than standard properties due to the high costs of materials, specialised trades people required to do repairs or rebuilding work. 


The owner of such buildings must the potential problems listed buildings can have:-


  • Damp
  • Drainage issues
  • Flooding sometimes due to area or the property itself
  • Decay


Due to these issues the owner should take risk prevention measures to ensure the risks such as damage to the property or building are minimised and


Following can be done to ensure the risks are minimised:-


  • Install high-sensitive smoke detection alarm systems
  • 5 yearly electrical inspections by qualifies electricians
  • Install dead locks for doors and windows, install intruder alarm


Our specialist insurance policies for listed buildings have following key benefits:-


  • Accidental damage to the building(s) and contents
  • Listed building indemnity insurance
  • Worldwide contents cover
  • Home emergency and legal cover as standard
  • Alternative accommodation of up to 24 months