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Modified Car Insurance

With Modified Car Insurance, a wide range of people take great pleasure in their motor vehicle and reflect this by making modifications to not only boost performance but to enhance it cosmetically. Those who do choose to modify their vehicle must know the implications of informing their insurer of any changes, even minor cosmetics as this changes the terms of the policy and could impact the insurance premium.

The inside workings of insurance and premiums are complex and are totaled down to countless different factors. Some to mention are related to age, car, occupation, and modifications. Modifications can sometimes make your car more desirable and if increases in performance could increase the chance of an accident occurring leading to a higher risk.

Modified cars have a much higher chance of being stolen as they are far more desirable than a standard vehicle. This also means that aftermarket parts could cost the insurer a lot more money and be difficult to acquire if there was to be a claim.

Car Insurance modifications

We can insure any of the following modifications:-

  • Window Tints
  • Enhanced Brakes
  • Car Colour
  • Turbo Charged
  • Body Kits
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Roll Cage
  • Engine Re-Mapped or Chipped
  • Lowered Suspension

What types of cover can I get for my car which has Modifications?

Enthusiasts take great pride in cars and like to modify the car to improve the looks and performance to make sure it stands out. The driver should, however, ensure that they understand the implications of making any changes to their car as it will have an impact on their insurance premium as it will be higher than if they had made any changes.

Higher Risk

The reason for the increase in premium for modified cars as statistics put it, motorists who drive high-performance and modified cars are more likely to be involved in an accident. This means a higher chance of an insurance claim. 

Modified cars have a higher chance to be stolen due to modified cars being much more attractive to thieves than normal and standard cars. This also means that any changes made to the car from manufacturers fittings can be more costly to be replaced in case of an accident or burglary.

As Arkwright Insurance Brokers we deal with a large panel of insurers to which helps to ensure we find the Modified Car Insurance Cover and Policy for our customers and clients at affordable prices.

We have a range of various schemes available to allow us to get you the affordable modified car insurance. We are high street based which means you can walk-in for any assistance and you know that means we can give you a personal service and look after your requirements throughout the duration of your policy.  For this reason, our customers like staying with us meaning that our customer retention is extremely high which has allowed us to grow over the years and our expansion of company size and products continue to grow.


We have strong ties with insurance providers allowing us to provide affordable quotes to our customers and clients.