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Motor Fleet Insurance – Quotes compared in minutes

This is ideal insurance policy scheme if you own more than one vehicle. It is a complete coverage of all vehicles with a single policy which would be cost effective but advantageous in covering all the aspects of your legal requirements.

What are the advantages of having a fleet policy insurance?

  • A single policy effect on full coverage for all the vehicles you own
  • Saves time and efficient as its only one policy you have concentrate on
  • Cost effective as all inclusive under one policy scheme

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The hassle free operational of fleet coverage will both have the positives and the negatives. It would enormously save the tasks from an administrative perspective and help analyze the prospects of having all the vehicles secured under one policy.

It is wise to look into options every time your warranty runs out as the prospects would be brighter and new options may be available. Car/motor renewal at that point would not be a good idea.

Conversations and discussion with the prospective insurers would help the analysis of the best fleet options available.

  • The count of vehicles that is eligible for a fleet is countless, the minimal count being no more less than two.
  • This is also a valuable option not only for commercial purpose but also for personal use, many families who own multiple vehicles use this an option for insurance
  • The vehicles that are liable for the fleet policies include trucks, motorbikes and even minibuses. The wide options make it a favorable policy that many opt too. Taxis are also considered by some companies

What are the type of fleet policies available in the UK?

  • (TPO) third party only fleet insurance
  • Payment for other’s injuries inclusive of other passengers, third party property damage and the cost of the towing that takes place in case of breakdown of a vehicle
  • (TPFT) third party, fire, and theft coverage

Damage of vehicle and the theft of your vehicle and any destruction caused to a vehicle in case of fire.

This is an extreme package that covers all the aspects in the package and additional aspects of

Windscreen cover and medical expenses for all injuries during collision or destruction  

The advantages of fleet insurance does not stop there. It can be further enhanced for the individual’s preferences and needs. The concept of the standard or tailor-made options would depend on the insurer you choose and your preference

Some pointers that are most commonly included are

  • Legal cover an absolute necessary
  • Carriages of the different types of goods, for hire or own goods
  • Trailer insurance
  • Accidents and sickness and recovery insurance
  • Employer’s liability insurance

Fleet policies are a main option in cost cutting. It will be only helpful if it is implemented properly

  • Think of paying an annual fee instead of monthly installments
  • Pay for the necessities with no added features or costs
  • Try getting access to bonuses offered in large scale
  • If you consider renovating your fleet vehicles it may add up additional costs

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