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Motor Trade Insurance

Motor Trade Insurance

The importance of choosing a good motor trade insurance cover he amount of skill and capability they possess. In all aspects of the motor industry it is important to understand the importance and being completely insured.

Some of the categories of the motor industry would include:-

  • The repairing and service of vehicles
  • Dealing with buying and selling vehicles as a retailer or a dealer
  • Garage insurances
  • Mechanics insurance
  • Breakdown recovery
  • Tire fitters insurance
  • Mobile mechanics

Many different policies are offered by many different companies but basically focus on certain aspects and principles. It could be easily categorized into two different concepts:-

  • Insurance offered for road risks
  • Third party policies

Will cover all damages in relations to your road activities and damages caused to other people and your own vehicle:-

  • Comprehensive policies

This covers any damages, accidents and theft caused when the vehicle is parked in the house or business premises:- 

  • Motor trade businesses on site
  • Trades insurance policy

Multiple business premises you trade with would require a combinations trade policy. This would cover all the necessities of the business dealings and coverage 


Some options that many motor insurance companies offer in the UK would likely be the following concepts:-

  • Combined policies

When you store vehicles at a certain premised you would definitely worry about vandalism and theft. This concept would put your mind to rest and help you relax as it would have your vehicle value covered

  • Value concepts

Understanding that sometimes the whole vehicle payout of insurance would not be possible. In some cases it would be only partial payments in regard to your claims. So the value shortage should be accepted

  • Occupational additions

Full time workers may have part time job elsewhere, they could have dual purpose insurance which would cover it both from the insurance given by their employer. This would be carefully attested and is necessary to be informed earlier to the insurer

  • Increased drivers

The initial score of drivers at the beginning of the insurance up may differ from including new drivers in the latter stage. This change would have an overall impact on the premiums and value offered

Types of motor trade insurances

  • Road risk motor trade insurance

This usually acquired by candidates who drives in the public highway, owns a garage, or operates a vehicle fitter (third party only)

Third party fire and theft in case of robbery and accidental fire occurrence and comprehensive motor trade policies in case of accidental damages

  • Liability motor trade insurance

The three concepts inclusive of the properties of workmanship, employer’s liability and public liability. This insurance is deigned and designated to people who repair and provide motor service for the public in their own properties.

  • Combined motor trade insurance

This provides protection for the entire needs of a motor trader in the business aspects. The policy is an extensive offer that covers the property, money, vehicles, liabilities, tools and other aspects of the business. Be attentive of what aspect needs insurance policy.