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Nissan GTR Insurance

Insuring your GTR in the UK made easier

Car insurance for Nissan GTR upon importing it, or just buying it and insuring it, in general, can be an extremely costly procedure. It is important to understand auto insurance, its types and levels, and the methods of calculations of cost in order to not let yourself be tricked into paying more for insuring your car.

Nissan GTR Insurance

What is car insurance?

Auto insurance is what protects an individual against a heavy financial loss if they were to ever get in an accident. It is the contract between your insurance company and yourself ensuring that upon your payments of premiums annually, or however the policy states, the company will continue to pay for your damages and losses.

Usually, auto insurance lasts from six months to a year.


The three levels of cover

The three levels of cover provided for you to choose from are;

  • Third party

This kind covers injuries and damage to the property of others. It is a minimum requirement by the law.

  • Third party fire and theft

In addition to the aspects covered by the third party, this covers additional costs of either repairs or replacements in the case of either theft or damage to your care in case of a fire

  • Comprehensive

The highest level of the three, this kind shields you from damages to not just your own but to the vehicle of the other party involved in an accident. While this is provided at a higher cost, it is well worth it because it also provides a courtesy car and any legal expenses that may be involved in your case of an accident.

The minimum that the law in the UK requires is a third party insurance.

Nissan GTR Insurance

Types of coverage provided

Car insurance policies usually offer six kinds of coverages. However, it is not necessary to purchase all six of them, but a bare minimum of three is necessary. These three are as follows;

  • Property coverage

This is when your insurance company provides you with compensation if your car gets either damaged or stolen.

  • Liability coverage

This is when the company finances your liability that may have risen from either physical injuries or some damage to your property.

  • Medical costs

These cover for the lost wages that may have occurred due to an accident that your vehicle was involved in, or for the injuries that you may have suffered from due to said accident.


How is the cost worked out?

The amount that you’re supposed to pay, either annually or semi-annually, depending on the company’s policies depends on a number of factors like;

  • Age
  • Area of residence
  • Type of car driven
  • Your profession
  • Where you park your car
  • What you use your car for

A premium can often be lowered by making a payment of a higher excess. Excess is the amount that is paid in order to make contributions towards the costs associated with a claim that you make.


Why get an insurance?

Not only is it illegal to drive a car that is uninsured in the UK, getting your car insured will also take some financial burden off of you in case of a mishap. It does not hurt to have the reassurance of an insurance company having your back if you were to ever meet an accident.


What if you don’t get your car insured?

As it is the law to get your car insured, not following through could result in some punishment. If you were to get caught driving an uninsured car, then you are fined a fixed amount of penalty along with six penalty points.

However, if the case reaches the court, then you could either get disqualified from driving or get an unlimited fine, both of which are quite severe consequences.

Insuring your Nissan GTR in the UK

Nissan GTR is a remarkable high-performance car, leaving many with wanting to drive it or just wanting to own it in general. Their availability in the UK may not be as common as one would think which forces those wishful to import it from outside. But what this also means is that car insurance for Nissan GTR becomes costly too.


There are a lot of competitive insurance providers for your car in the UK. It is important to educate yourself on all kinds of quotes provided by possible contenders, and then choose the one that suits you best.

The GTR is one of Nissan’s highest performing cars. It is equipped a vast range of technologies, that make it one of the best in the market. A car of such great value needs to have the right kind of insurance, for it would be a shame to damage a car as beautiful as that and then not be able to repair it due to the financial costs associated with it. Therefore, a car insurance Nissan GTR is extremely important.

The right insurance program and company will ensure that you pay a reasonable price for your GTR to get insured, and will provide you with full assistance financially and mentally too.

What kind of insurance to get for your GTR

Recommended by insurance experts, your chosen car insurance for Nissan GTR should have the kind that not only provides high liability coverage, but it also provides a good comprehensive and collision coverage. It should also have your back when it comes to covering costs associated with any medical procedures. Your insurance company is responsible for directing you towards a good trustworthy repair shop in case of an accident.

Do not let yourself be conned into paying a higher premium for your GTR. Educate yourself on the kinds and variations of insurances, and choose accordingly. It is always good to write down a list of quotes provided by various insurance companies, and then following through.

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