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Your home and its contents are almost certainly among the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. Why not protect them?

Home Insurance

From a modest apartment to a large estate, our Home insurance policies are flexible. With access to an extensive range of top quality insurers, we are confident that we can find a household insurance policy that is right for you. Best cheap Home insurance reviews plans for Bolton, Birmingham, Buckingham, Chorley, London, Manchester, Preston and Wigan.

Home insurance: What is the Guarantee?

Historically, housing insurance is fire insurance. Even today, with a fire every two minutes in France, this guarantee is at the origin of the various obligations or advice for underwriting home insurance contracts. Tenants are assumed to be responsible in the event of a fire, hence the insurance obligation imposed by the law of 6 July 1989. Similarly, for owners, if there is no insurance obligation, Fire insurance that can destroy the heritage of a lifetime, home insurance is unavoidable.

  • Basic guarantees: guarantees of civil liability and guarantees of property damage
  • As part of its legal obligation or legal obligations, the insurer will impose some basic
  • Guarantees in its multi- risk contracts.

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Holiday Home Insurance

Your home and its contents are almost certainly among the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. Why not protect them?

Guarantees of civil liability:

Civil liability is the legal obligation of a person to compensate (financially) the damage caused to another person, that is to say to others that the damage is material or bodily – (Articles 1382 to 1386 Civil Code).

For tenants, the rental liability insurance is compulsory in respect of the occupancy of a dwelling (this to safeguard the property of your landlord in the event of a disaster).

For the occupancy of an apartment or a semi-detached house, the guarantee of civil liability vis-à-vis neighbors and third parties is essential and is present in all housing contracts.

Finally, if the family civil liability insurance is not compulsory, the financial stakes of civil liability can be so great that, in fact, this guarantee is present in all the main home insurance contracts If it is not directly related to the dwelling. It is this guarantee that intervenes especially for children for the crèche or the school or your pets.

Why Home Insurance in UK? 

We believe that every home is different, so it makes sense that each homeowner insurance policy should be different too. By matching your homeowner’s insurance policy to match your circumstances we’ll ensure that you get the best possible value for money while getting insurance that is most suitable for you.


Property damage guarantees:

Contrary to civil liability, these guarantees concern you: the insured. The presence of these guarantees assures you of the safeguarding of your movable property (tenant and owner) and real estate (owner) in the event of the occurrence of different events: for example a fire, a burglary or a water damage.

These guarantees are not mandatory for the insured. Regarding heritage protection, however, they are unavoidable.

For the insurer, about its advisory obligation, these guarantees must be present in your contract, and they are fire, explosion, direct fall of lightning, damage of water, storm, hail. Similarly, for the insurer, certain guarantees must be present in your contract as a result of the Law even if your contract is very old: natural catastrophe guarantees, technological disasters (following the AZF affair), acts of terrorism and attack.

Your insurance company will compensate you if you meet the criteria set out in your insurance policy.

Additional home insurance guarantees

  • In addition to your basic guarantees, the must-sees, for you or your insurer, you can subscribe additional guarantees:
  • Guarantee of certain specific goods: valuables, jewelry, cash, etc.
  • Protection against theft, breakage of windows, damage to electrical appliances, etc.
  • Guarantee for the external fittings of the house (swimming pool, electric gate, water leak on the meter.
  • Specific liability guarantee (dog category 2, horse. Kindergarten.

Guarantee legal protection: extremely useful to settle the disputes of your daily life (professional.) because it allows you to be defended free of charge in case of dispute. Beware, however, of this option. A legal protection contract also appears as an insurance contract in its own right.

As the law areas are very varied, when legal protection is offered as an option in the housing contract, the actual scope of the guarantees is often quite different from what you expect. It is important and then necessary to discuss this with your insurer.

The more options you choose, the higher your contribution will be.

Care Home Insurance

Amount insured and deductible

In the event of a claim, your home insurance can compensate your victims for your various responsibilities and compensate for the loss of your property. To find out the extent of compensation for third parties and the amount of your compensation, you need to know your level of coverage. If you have valuable assets in your home, consider additional insurance that is appropriate to the value of your assets.

Once you have chosen your collateral in consultation with your insurer, you must clearly define any deductibles. A deductible is an amount that remains at your expense in the event of a claim.

Ensure your accommodation according to your profile

The mandatory or unavoidable guarantees will not be the same according to your profile. You will also be able to choose to take out additional guarantees according to your situation and needs:

Whether you own a country cottage or maybe a cottage in the mountains, a tenant of a new home or a functioning home, your home insurance, and your guarantees will not be the same.

Secondary residence: damage and property warranty are essential.

New or recent housing: Extended coverage for ten years.

Prestige housing: this insurance under a single contract, assures the whole of your property.

Functional housing: Home insurance is not compulsory but makes sure at least with the liability insurance.

Under construction: it all depends on whether you are the owner (the one who asks for the construction) or the contractor (the one who builds). The only compulsory insurance is damage insurance works for the developer.

Furnished rentals: Furnished rental insurance is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended as the tenant is responsible for the damage caused in the accommodation.

Garage: the terms and conditions of a garage depend on the characteristics of this dependence on the dwelling, but also on the type of housing to which it is attached.

Sign, modify, terminate

Signature: To sign an insurance contract, signing is essential but follows different steps to ensure you sign a contract that meets your needs.

Change: your life is changing, and your insurance needs also. You will have to modify your insurance contract according to the evolution of your situation.

Cancellation: You have the option to terminate your insurance contract each year before the deadline, for whatever reasons, during the year in some situations.

You have a claim to declare: fire, water damage, civil liability, theft, accident? You need to know certain rules that you must follow to ensure that your insurance is compensated.


Arkwright Insurance Brokers are perfect for all your home insurance given that a home insurance insurer that offers attractive rates is not necessarily a good insurer. Some pass on the reduction of some contributions on some deductibles or even providing minimum guarantees by the only guarantees unavoidable. As a result, the savings you were hoping to achieve will be reduced to the point of pain and your future compensation will also be reduced.

For detailed information on the policies available, to discuss your individual requirements, to find out more about property insurance, or for home insurance quotes: call Arkwright now on 01204 392 525

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