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Self Drive Hire Insurance

What is self drive hire insurance?


Self drive hire insurance is suitable for companies, businesses or individuals who are running car/vehicle hire services giving out their selection of vehicles to the general members of the public.  Self Drive Hire Insurance is specifically related to the period and time of the hire.  The hire premium is calculated on the basis of period and the hirer and also any other person required to drive during the hire period as an additional driver. 


Self Drive Hire Insurance cover is different from a Motor Traders insurance policy.  The Motor Traders insurance policy would cover the vehicle(s) whilst is not being hire out.  Typically the vehicle hire business will cover in place for vehicles whilst they hire out and also when they are not.


To set up a Self Drive Hire business, these are the insurance policies you should be considering:


  • Self Drive Hire Insurance
  • Motor Traders Insurance
  • Business Insurance