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For more specialist
requirements, Arkwright offer a variety of policies.

Specialist Insurance

Specialist insurance covers a wide range of areas and ‘non standard’ policies which are not as common as other areas of insurance such as home and contents and standard motor vehicle insurance for example. Specialist areas include more bespoke areas such as classic car insurance, professional liability, touring or static caravan insurance, motor homes, farm insurance, horseboxes and various areas of business and professional indemnity policies. It can include additional homes, fine art and antiques or policies for non standard properties such as those with thatched roofs. Many of these subjects benefit with insurance from specialist insurance companies who are experienced in offering a bespoke service to cover your needs.

Arkwright insurance brokers can help you to find the right policy for your individual needs. We can help to ensure you get the right cover, whatever your needs as well as finding you the most competitive prices. Using a team of trusted specialist insurance providers we can work with you to make sure that all areas of your business or personal property are covered for complete peace of mind.

If you would like further information on any of our Specialist insurance properties or would like a no obligation quote for a policy, then give Arkwright a call on 01204 392 525

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