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Sports, Leisure & Entertainment Insurance

What is sports, leisure & entertainment insurance?

Sports accident insurance protects you when take part in sports/activities.  This type of cover includes:-


  • Personal liability protection
  • Payment for broken bone
  • Personal accident benefits
  • Physiotherapy


Sport & Leisure Trade


We have insurance policies for the following sports trade:-


Amateur Sports Clubs




Entertainment Trade Cover


Art Exhibitions, Arts & Craft CentreMicro-Breweries
Bingo HallsModel Clubs
Bowling AlleyMuseums & Historical Attractions
Snooker & Pool HallsPersonal Trainers / Sports Coaches
Camp Sites, Caravan & Park Home SitesPhotography Studios
CasinosPublic Halls (Concert, Masonic, Town Halls
Children’s Play CentresSnooker & Pool Halls
Cinemas, Theatres, Concert Halls & Comedy ClubsZoos, Petting Farms & Aquariums
Community CentresYouth Centres
Dance AcademiesScout & Guide Halls
Family Fun Centres & Amusement ArcadesSocial Clubs
Fishing Venues & LakesRecording Studios
GymnasiumsLaser Tag
Golf Clubs including additional activities such as Hotels, Driving Ranges, Health & Leisure
Clubs, Weddings and Events
Martial Arts Centres Amateur Sports Clubs, Social Clubs, Health and Leisure Clubs


We have policies for comedians, TV and sporting personalities, to after dinner speakers and extras we at Arkwright Insurance provide motor insurance for numerous people working in the entertainment industry.


We can also insure following sports & entertainment trades (may require referral):-

  • Public Houses (excluding designated dance floors and door staff)
  • Aquariums
  • Climbing Centres
  • Dry Ski Slopes
  • Race Courses
  • Hotels, Boarding & Guest Houses
  • Skate Parks
  • Ice Rinks
  • Water Sports (excluding motorises, sub aqua and open water
  • Lap Dancing / Strip Clubs
  • Petting Farms & Zoos


Options – Income replacement cover


If you are sportsperson and play sports for a living you will probably know already that finding insurance is quite difficult.  If you play cricket, football, rugby, golf etc can be quite difficult to find the right type of policy at the right premium. 


This is where Arkwright Insurance Brokers can help as we understand the issues sports professionals have when looking for insurance.  Our professional agents have the right knowledge and expertise of sports insurance and can find you the best level of protection ensuring that we provide you with the right policy at the right price.


We have listed from some of the important features our policies include for sportsperson’s car insurance:-


  • Limited mileage. This from 1,500 miles on some policies this will means you don’t need to pay for extra miles you will not drive
  • Protected No-Claims Bonus. This means that if you were to have one accident then it won’t have a mark on your driving record.


We also have classic and cherished car insurance policies available (call 01204 392525) for a quote.


We have specialised policies for drivers with convictions (call 01204 392525) for a quote.


We can also insure most vehicles for the following cars:-


  • Imports
  • Motorhomes
  • Classic cars
  • High performance
  • US cars
  • Kit cars
  • Sports and high net worth cars


Car, Home, Liability and Injury insurance for sports professionals


We have insurance policies available for the following professionals:-


  • Tennis players
  • Golf professionals
  • Professional Cricketers (Tournaments)
  • Professional Footballers (Premiership)
  • Professional Cyclists
  • Professional Track and Field Athletes
  • Professional Rugby Players
  • Boxers
  • Cage Fighters
  • Wrestlers


We have more than 40 panels of insurers on our books and surely we can find you a policy that is right for you at the right price.


Our Sports Insurance Products:-