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Supercar Insurance

If you own a supercar then this will most of the time mean that you expect to higher premium than if you had a standard car.  You need to take supercar insurance from an insurance provider or a specialist car insurance broker who has expertise and knowledge of super car insurance market.  We have the right insurance providers on our database and therefore we can provide the right level of cover at a fair premium.

Some of the benefits of our supercar insurance product are:

  • Instant cover available
  • Industry experience and knowledge with over a decade experience broker
  • European cover
  • Discounts for limited mileage
  • Discounts for insuring multiple cars

How do I get my High-Performance Car insured?

Supercar insurance can be very challenging especially when looking to insure a high-performance or an imported car. When using comparison sites to look for a high-performance car policy, You would notice that there is limited access to add the car’s modifications and the quotation you receive might not always be the most competitive This is where our expertise can help as we can take great care of the car details such modifications, unique models and also driver’s details to ensure that you get the right policy at a competitive price.

Supercar Insurance

Supercars List for Insurance

We can insure any of the following high-performance and or high valued cars and more:-

  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
  • Maserati
  • Rolls Royce
  • Bentley
  • Aston Martin

and much more…….

Some supercars are the fastest and the most expensive vehicles in the world, so much so that some of these cars are even being declared illegal to used driven on public roads altogether.  This is due to safety reasons and to protect the driver as well as the general public.  Generally, these type of cars is owned by the wealthy people, who can afford to maintain, have the car repaired and have it insured properly without taking any shortcuts or neglecting the car.

Due to the specification of supercars and powerful engine, the owner may have to choose usage to a minimum in terms of how many miles the supercar does.  Many supercars are used only as a standard car or used for exhibitions and not used much as a standard car would be for social, commuting and domestic.  For this reason, it is possible to purchase limited mileage car insurance coverage.  This makes sense if you use your supercar only during certain seasons of the year and within a certain mileage limit.  The understanding behind this is that the less the supercar is used and less it is driven, the fewer chances of the supercar being involved in an accident and therefore fewer chances of a claim being made.

Traditional insurance companies will not provide insurance coverage for a supercar and therefore the owner for such cars will need to speak to a specialist insurance provider or a broker who has contacts with insurance companies who would be able to provide an insurance cover.  These insurance companies will use a variety of figures, facts, and calculations to determine how much the insurance premium would be.

Insurance Account Points for Supercars

The insurance company or provider will take into account points mentioned below:

  • Age of the car
  • Value price of the car
  • Price paid for the car
  • Any add-ons or extras purchased
  • Engine size, car model, and type
  • Cost of parts and repair in case of an accident, fire, theft or other damage
  • Driving history record of the driver
  • Any driving convictions or personal convictions
  • Age of the driver
  • Types of usage such as social, domestic and commuting or occasional
  • Any other cars owned by the driver of the supercar
  • Driver’s address and if the car is kept in a garage or street or any other


The driver needs to ensure that they speak to the right broker as some brokers sell cheap policies that only allow the driver to drive certain use of car such as third party, full comprehensive or fire theft & theft.

We will check quotes from a pool of insurers to get you the best quote and the best policy. We can also insure all of the following type of cars:-

  • General Cars
  • Modified Cars
  • Classic & Vintage Cars
  • Super Cars
  • American Cars
  • Luxury Cars
  • Prestige Cars
  • High-Performance Cars
  • Kit Cars
  • 4X4 Cars
  • Sports and Collectors Cars

Arkwright insurance has a specialist team of insurance expert professional agents who well experienced and knowledgeable when insuring a supercar.  These professionals are confident as we have strong relations with supercar insurance providers who are competitive and are fair when it comes to premiums.

We have listed some of the benefits of our supercar insurance:

Supercar Insurance uk

  • Quick and prompt quote
  • Immediate cover
  • Visit our office for a face to face conversation
  • Policies are underwritten by high-value motor insurance providers
  • Agreed value included as a standard
  • UK & European motor assistance (breakdown and roadside assistance)
  • Claims support
  • Any driver over 30 years of age not living with the policy holder
  • Driving other cars than the supercar with comprehensive extension for named drivers
  • Legal expense cover available
  • Personal accident cover available
  • Add-ons available such as alloy cover, breakdown, legal expense, tire, keys etc
  • Cover for private plate registration
  • Cover ID fraud
  • Cover for personal possessions
  • Courtesy car


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Supercar Insurance
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