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Unoccupied property insurance

Why need Unoccupied property insurance?


We have policies for:-


  • Home owners
  • Commercial property owners


Properties that are left unoccupied for more than 30 days need some taking care of from their insurers.  This is where we can help with policies that can cover for properties and homes unoccupied.


Here are some of the reasons why it is important to have unoccupied home insurance:-



What factors has an impact on the price of the cover:-


  • Rebuild cost of the property
  • Reason it is empty
  • Location of the property
  • Security at the property


Unoccupied property insurance policy will include cover for:-


  • Damage caused by squatters
  • Vandalism or fire


Suitable Cover


You can choose policies that cover from three, six, nine and also twelve month.  You can also choose from various levels of cover that are available from panel of insurers.  Our policies that includes owner’s liability, contents cover and also subsidence, but speak to our professional agent to discuss best type of policy that suite’s your needs.


Property Owner’s Liability Insurance


It is important that owners of property to have property owner’s liability insurance so include this in our policy.  This cover is taken in case a member of the public were to injure themselves, or third party property be damaged as a consequence of an accident linked to your property/premises.  This type of cover would ensure that the owner can cover costs and damages associated with a subsequent claim being made.  However, this type of cover does not apply to the members of the owner’s family.


What can be covered for the unoccupied home:-


  • Our policies are flexible which is designed to be suitable allowing insuring from minimum period of three months allowing an option to extend
  • Cover for any or all of the renovations for as long as the owner needs which includes extensions, alterations, decorations and much more
  • Policy ideal if you are acting as a executor or may have a Power Of Attorney