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Windscreen Insurance

A windscreen cover allows you to recover the cost of vehicle windscreen repairs or even a full windscreen replacement due to damage.  Windscreen insurance cover can often cover all of the screens and windows in your vehicle (including sunroof).  Depending on your insurance policy cover, windscreen protection is normally covered if you have a fully comprehensive insurance policy.

Third-party, fire and theft policies normally don’t have screen cover included within the policy.  However, windscreen protection can be added onto your policy as a policy and we have special rates from a panel of insurers who specialize in windscreen insurance protection.

Here is a list of when damage can occur to a vehicle’s windscreen:

Windscreen chips this type of damage can occur when the vehicle drive over loose stones or when there’s airborne debris.

Windscreen cracks this type of damage can occur as a result of a combination of cold windscreens and warm heaters which can weaken the glass over time.

Increasingly, vehicle windscreen damage is one of the most common issues dealt with car insurance companies.  Car, van or truck windscreen damage can easily be sustained when the screen having hits from stone chips or even large stones especially in winter time when it is windy and frosty.  The windscreen in your car, van or truck may crack under pressure from the heat projected from the heater.

The driver or owner of the vehicle must note that the windscreen cover is not available on a third party policy, as this type of policy does not cover for damage to the vehicle.  For this reason, it would be a better value to take out a comprehensive insurance so you have a peace of mind in case there are any mishaps.

What is car windscreen cover?

Normally, if you have a comprehensive insurance cover, your windscreen will be covered against any damage.  In the case of a claim, you will need to pay the excess and the insurance company gets the rest of the cover of the cost to repair or replacement paid.  Even though you have to pay the excess towards any repairs or replacements, it will still be much lower than full access you need to pay for a standard insurance claim in the case of an accident or damage.

If the damage to the windscreen is very small the insurer may not charge you any excess as the cost will be lower than the excess.  However, one must also note that if they have a standalone windscreen protection cover their claim will have no impact on their No Claims Bonus (NCBs).

The amount excess will vary and highly depends on who you are insured with and what their terms are which are normally stated in their policy documents. Depending on who use for the repair can also have an impact as an example using the insurer’s approved vehicle windscreen repair company will be different to using one of your own choice company.

The majority of the insurers will have a list of approved windscreen repair companies they normally work with; therefore, it would be highly advised to use one these companies as opposed to using your own.  Another thing to remember is that the insurer may only pay maximum amount for the repair and you need to pay the remaining amount of money for the repair or replacement of the windscreen from your own pocket.

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Windscreen Insurance
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