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What is modified car insurance?

Defined simply, insurance is a type of contract between an individual or business and an insurance company, which is represented by a signed policy. The main point of insurance is to give the policyholder financial protection, in the form of reimbursement, against potential damage and loss. Car insurance is mandatory for anyone who owns a car in the UK. Here we will look at the different insurance options which are available to owners of a modified car.

Modified Car Insurance

A modified car is a car that is entirely or partially different from its original state, shape, or structure from the production line. In the modern world, people modify their vehicles for different motives and reasons, some of which are: – to show their personalities
– to add value
– to improve the performance capability of their cars

The parts that are modified the most include the suspension, security devices, the interior, the engine, the braking system and the exhaust system.

It is important to note that this type of insurance policy works just like other standard policies. People tend to look for insurance companies that have straight forward procedures, understand their modifications characteristics, and provide an affordable price – which should not be far from the usual insurance cost.

However, it is essential to note that the modifications upholding the security of the vehicle do not affect the insurance policy in any negative way. Such changes include the alarm system, extra-locking devices, and immobilisers. If an insurance company tries to argue an increased cost on these charges, it is recommended that you look elsewhere to avoid paying more than you need to.

UK Modified Car Insurance

Several insurance companies provide modified car insurance policies in the UK. A good company is supposed to accept all makes and models of modified vehicles; in all cases, they should be considering the driver(s), value, and power requirements of the car. The company is also supposed to have a solid understanding of the client’s needs based on the modifications made on their vehicles.

Besides the premiums calculated on the cars, the rates should not fluctuate due to the cosmetic changes of a vehicle, such as the wind deflectors, alloy rims and seat configurations. In this case, you should seek out an insurance company that promises a consistent monthly charge – if it fluctuates wildly, this could be an indication that you should look elsewhere to avoid nasty surprises.

Imported Modified Car Insurance

Insurance companies in the UK can find it difficult to provide insurance policies to vehicles that are imported and modified. This is because it can be harder to establish the degree of risk and calculate the premiums. As a result, companies are always in a dilemma as to which insurance policies fit imported, modified cars.

For instance, when cars manufactured in different countries are involved in accidents, it becomes costly for the insurance company to source their spares and modified parts from the original country. On the other side, it is complicated for the owner, as he or she has to provide highly detailed information about the imported, modified vehicle before the vehicle is insured.

If you’re the owner of an imported modified car, you should undergo extensive research to ensure that your insurance company offers all of the necessary covers and is happy to aid you in sourcing new parts, should you need them.

Importance of car insurance

In conclusion, car insurance is not only a legal requirement, but it is also vital for any car owner as it protects against financial loss in the event of damage to the vehicle and injuries to drivers, passengers or pedestrians.

Also, it can provide financial support in the unfortunate event of a vehicle being stolen or vandalised. One exception, however, is cars that have been declared off-road through a Statutory Off Road Notification. In this case, car insurance is not required. Find out more about the types of car insurance by calling us on 01204 392 525 or email us your details at quote@arkwrightinsurance.co.uk and we will call you back.

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