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Specialist cover for imported motorbikes

If you have an imported model of bike that isn’t typically sold in the UK as standard, it may be a bit harder to find appropriate insurance cover.

At Arkwright, we work with specialist insurance providers who can insure imported bikes on UK roads by offering the best possible quote on a fully tailored policy.

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About imported bike insurance

  • Why choose an imported bike?

    There are countless models of motorbikes manufactured all over the world. Not all of these models make it to dealerships in the UK, though, meaning if you spot something that’s not really available here, you’ll need to have it imported. For hobbyists and collectors, this is the best way to snap up some particularly rare models that were never originally intended for our shores.

    While many motorbikes are designed and built in different countries, they may often meet standards and requirements that make them safe and suitable for UK roads. However, it’s important to remember that there’ll be various reasons why certain motorbikes weren’t designed for UK use in the first place.

    It could be as simple as an economic decision from the manufacturer, who may have felt the bike wouldn’t sell well over here. It could instead come down to the design and build of the bike not being particularly suitable for UK roads, off-road terrain or even the climate. Before you commit to an imported bike, make sure you’re aware of this to give you a better understanding of why it may cost a bit more to properly insure it.

    Whether you purchase an imported bike from an independent seller or get a bike imported yourself, it’s crucial to take insurance costs into consideration. Insurance premiums will naturally be higher for imported models compared with standard bikes, as insurers may not be able to easily determine its history or suitable garages that could make appropriate repairs if needed.

  • Types of imported bike

    There are two main types of vehicle import and this can make a big difference when it comes to receiving a quote for your insurance. As with other imported vehicles, motorbikes can be classed as either ‘parallel imports’ or ‘grey imports’.

    Depending on the type of import you want to insure, you may find yourself faced with a larger premium than you might hope to expect. This largely comes down to how comfortable and confident individual insurance providers will be when it comes to covering specific components or complete rebuilds.

    • Parallel imports are bikes brought into the UK from the EU, which will generally align with minimum requirements and standards for UK bikes. There may be differences to certain specifications, however, such as slight size differences or speedometers reading kilometres per hour rather than mph. This will give insurers a little bit extra to think about when creating a suitable policy, often putting premiums higher than standard UK bikes.
    • Grey imports are often brought in from countries further afield, commonly the USA or Japan. These countries are big manufacturers of motorbikes, often producing rare or sought-after models that never formally make it to UK dealerships. As these bikes may not necessarily meet our minimum standards, insuring them properly requires a lot of specialist knowledge to create a tailored policy, which will often cost considerably more than insuring a parallel import.

    In addition to these import types, there may be times when the DVLA issues Q-plates to vehicles where there is doubt in confirming its age or identity. Q-plated bikes will be imports that have been proven to meet the necessary UK or EU road safety specifications but have gaps in their document history – a common case with older or classic motorbikes.

    This ‘Q’ classification signifies uncertainty, making it difficult for insurance providers to calculate the risks. Because of this, it can be much harder trying to find the necessary specialist insurance, but through our wide-ranging and diverse panel of insurers, we can help you to find the right quote for your imported Q-plated bike.

  • Choose Arkwright for your specialist insurance

    To find the cover for your imported bike, it’s crucial that you receive insurance from a knowledgeable, specialist provider that can help you in your unique circumstances.

    Arkwright Insurance Brokers deal with a large panel of insurers across different levels of specialism. This way, we’re certain to match our customers with the right policy from the right provider at the lowest possible premium.

    For a competitive quote on your imported bike insurance, simply call our team on 01204 392 525 or send us a few details online. From there, we can discuss the necessary details before providing you with the best possible quote for exactly what you need.

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