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Bouncy Castle Insurance Quotes

Description of operations: Amusement parks or centers are recreational facilities (such as bouncing castles as an example) that may contain a variety of operations. Some will have stands and bleachers or stadiums for shows and concerts; some will have rides; and some will have swimming, boating, Bouncy castle or other water hazards. Camping, lodging, and eating facilities are common. Shopping, museums, art or other exhibits may exist. Each specific amusement risk must be individually evaluated for the operations, hazards, and exposures that exist.

Property exposure is substantial. Most of the operations of an amusement park require expensive machinery and equipment. Fire losses due to wiring, machinery, and equipment are common. The key to control is regular, disciplined maintenance. Electrical wiring must meet all codes, and there must be circuit breakers and/or fuse boxes that cannot be overridden. All maintenance equipment, including paint and varnishes, must be stored safely.

Welding and soldering must be done in a safe environment away from flammables. If there is an off season, vandalism is a potential. Therefore, a watch person service should be provided or a caretaker should be on premises every day. The Wind and other natural elements can severely affect the large outdoor rides and exhibits. All buildings and equipment should be earthed to prevent damage from lightning strikes.

Engineering Damage & Breakdown exposure is substantial, particularly if the amusement park operates on a seasonal basis. Damage to a key attraction which cannot be repaired quickly due to limited availability of parts may result in a substantial loss of business. All equipment must be maintained in good condition and documented.

Crime exposure is from employee dishonesty and money and securities. Duties should be separated to prevent embezzlement, and employees should be checked when they leave to prevent inventory theft. All financial duties should be separated and reconciled regularly. Cash may be collected for parking, admission, and vending operations. All money must be counted by more than one employee and deposited by another. There should be a monitoring device to match ticket sales to cash. Cashiers’ monies should be stripped regularly and deposited.


Bouncy Castle Insurance Quotes

Premises liability exposure is significant due to a large number of visitors to the premises. Public safety is the primary concern. The numbers and type of rides and their potential to injure, maim or cause death must be thoroughly reviewed. Great care must be given to the setup, operation, maintenance, and condition of rides. The integrity of the ride operators is a key concern. Adequate security and safety must be provided for customers of each ride.

Adequate lighting, marking of exits and egress should be in place. Steps should have rails, be well-lit, marked, and in good maintenance and repair. Parking must be appropriate for the type of amusement park, and assistance should be provided. Security at the facility, in buildings, corridors, and parking areas, needs to be carefully checked and reviewed. Lodging, camping and other sleeping facilities present significant loss potential and require careful review. Acts of theft or crime against customers is another area of concern; security is an important area to evaluate.

Products liability exposure can be high if there are restaurants on premises due to the potential for food poisoning from inadequate food storage, handling, and cooking procedures. Foreign objects in food may also present an exposure to loss. Some exposure may exist from souvenirs or other retail items, especially if those souvenirs are designed as toys for children.

Motor vehicle loss exposure may be relatively minor if only service vehicles are used. If customers, visitors, employees or others are transported, motor vehicle exposure can be substantial. Often coaches, shuttles, or other transport is available and must be carefully reviewed. If lodging is available, airport transport may be offered. Drivers must be licensed appropriately and driving records should be checked routinely. All vehicles must be maintained on an ongoing basis and documented.

Employers’ liability exposure is high. Workers who maintain the grounds may be exposed to chemical applications of herbicides and pesticides. Workers repairing and maintaining machinery and equipment can suffer back or lift injuries, hernia, sprains, strains, and amputations. If any work is done above ground using lifting devices, falls can result. Workers who handle rides or work in restaurants or gift shops may be injured by customers. Workers who handle money may be held up. Adequate security must be provided to prevent hold ups.

Other exposures include Contractors Plant and Equipment, which is used to maintain the premises. Some of the rides, displays, or exhibits may be mobile. Goods Held in Trust concerns are prevalent from the items on display or exhibits that have been borrowed from others. Computer and other electronic equipment exposures are extensive and need proper review and handling. Book Debts are extensive due to rental and concession activity. Deeds and Documents exposure are from vendor, supplies, and maintenance records.

Minimum recommended cover:

Building, Business Interruption, Machinery and Contents, Engineering—Damage & Breakdown, Employee Dishonesty, Money and Securities, Book Debts, Goods Held in Trust, Computers, Contractors Plant and Equipment, Deeds and Documents, Public/Product Liability, Employee Benefits, Excess of Loss/Difference in Cover, Employers’ Liability

Other covers to consider:

Employment Practices Liability, Environmental Impairment, Commercial Motor Liability

Broker: The covers listed below are suggested for consideration. After evaluating each of the listed covers, check the recommended blank by those that apply specifically to the client. Make sure both the exposure and the cover are explained thoroughly to the client.

Client: For each of the covers that the broker has recommended, initial whether you have chosen to accept or reject that cover in the blanks provided.

Please note that this list is NOT exhaustive. If you have a specific need not on the list, please contact us at Arkwright Insurance Brokers to address your needs and to arrange a bespoke policy.


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Bouncy Castle Insurance Quotes
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