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Business Car insurance

Business cars are generally more expensive to insure than a standard car because the chances of being involved in an accident are much higher.  Business cars normally cover more miles, in heavy traffic and are driven on unfamiliar roads. 

A standard car insurance policy will cover for domestic use and for commuting to and from work.  If the car is used for more than this then you need to take out a business policy.  When taking out a policy for a business car will realise that is it not a straight forward process as taking out a policy for domestic and social policy use.  There are various types and classes available depending on the type of work it is to be used for. 

What you need to know about business car insurance?

Types of usage:-

  1. Commercial travelling. Required if required to be driving permanent aspect of a work and selling services or goods


  1. Use for business. This type of policy covers everything included in a standard type of policy.  Also covers travelling to and from multiple premises or sites.
  2. Business use by you and a souse. This type of policy extends standard business use to cover a spouse for business use


When to look for a business car insurance policy:-


  1. Driving a lot of miles
  2. Driving colleagues around
  3. Car used For business activities
  4. Commuting to various locations regularly


Factors used by insurance companies to calculate insurance premiums:-


  1. Who will be driving
  2. How many business miles will be done
  3. When and where the car will be used
  4. What the car will be used for
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Business Car insurance
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