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Can I Get a Car Insurance Being a Convicted Driver?

In case you’ve committed a driving offence as well as being convicted, it can add tonnes of pounds to the cost of your very car insurance. That will vary based on the offence. Determined by the type of driving conviction, you can still secure a competitive price. Driving convictions are rendering it difficult to get the cover; there exists still hope.

What exactly is a driving conviction?

A driving conviction is dispensed by the police while you’re caught breaching a motoring rules – whether that’s for speeding, or perhaps something more severe. They usually convert into points on your license, where they stay not less than four years. Insurance providers take them into account for as long as five years.

The most common methods to pick up a driving conviction are by either:

  • Being detected breaking a motoring law by a police officer
  • Truly being caught by a mobile or maybe static speeding video camera
  • Getting involved in a crash (i.e, by harmful driving, drink driving and so forth.

Getting one such conviction on your license does not necessarily mean you can’t obtain car insurance. It simply indicates you have to compare what’s available to make sure you’re obtaining a deal that suits your requirements as well as isn’t overweight on your bank balance.

What could be the most common driving conviction?

One can find dozens and then dozens of different conviction types, almost all differing in severity along with some points you can get.

Certain convictions make it more challenging to secure insurance, for example, an IN10: driving without insurance. Nevertheless, that doesn’t indicate there aren’t still businesses out there who will offer you a quote.

The most typical convictions which are usually declared are:

  • SP30 – Speeding on an open public road
  • CU80 – Employing a hand-held device when driving ( commonly mobile phones )
  • IN10 – Driving a vehicle without insurance
  • SP50 – Speeding on a motorway
  • TS10 – Faltering to adhere to traffic light indicators


If a license has been withdrawn

After a license has been withdrawn as a result of a contravention, it is compulsory for the driver to inform his insurance of the circumstances of suspension, cancellation or invalidation of his license. The insurance can then terminate the contract or apply an increase in the price of auto insurance.

What is license suspension?

License suspension is a temporary license withdrawal. It can be pronounced by the perfect immediately in the case of serious offences such as driving under the influence of alcohol or the use of narcotics while driving, a speeding of 40 km / h or more, or even for reasons Medical. This is called administrative suspension.

Following a serious offence, the judge may order a judicial stay in court. The driver may have his license suspended for a maximum of 5 years or 10 years for a second offence.

Inform your insurance of the withdrawal of a license

After a license has been withdrawn, it is imperative to warn her of her new situation. The driver is then assimilated as a driver at risk. You have 15 days to send by registered mail the information concerning the withdrawal of license to your insurer. This step is to realise that it is for an administrative or judicial suspension.

According to Article L113-2 of the Insurance Code, the insured is obliged to:

To declare in the course of a contract the new circumstances which have the consequence of aggravating the risks or of creating new ones, thereby rendering the replies to the insurer inaccurate or invalid, in particular in the form Mentioned in 2 above.

The insured must, by registered letter, declare these circumstances to the insurer within fifteen days of the date of which he became aware of them.

It is your responsibility to send various supporting documents such as notification of suspension, type of conviction, blood alcohol or drug levels during license retention, letter 48SI in the event of a permanent cancellation of your license or Double-sided photocopy of your grey card.

In the event of omission, the insurance contract may be cancelled by the insurer, which cancels all its guarantees.

Cancellation of insurance

The license suspension and auto insurance do not mix. After a license has been withdrawn, the insurer can cancel your contract. You will then be reimbursed for contributions already paid up to the end of the contract. In the case of cancellation, you are going to receive a registered letter stipulating the termination of the contract.

Increase in annual membership fees

When the insurer does not cancel your contract, a penalty following your license withdrawal is applied similarly to the penalty in case of a responsible accident, but the rate varies. Thus, you will pay more for your compulsory insurance.

According to the insurance code, it is possible for the insurer to apply a different pricing for your auto insurance policy. Indeed, the law provides in article A335-9-2:

‘In motor third party liability insurance may only be added to the amended reference premium, where applicable, by the premiums or reductions referred to in Articles A. 335-9-1 and A. 335-9-3 respectively and the application of the reduction-increase clause provided for in Article A. 121-1, the limitations listed below. Such increases may not exceed the following maximum percentages of the premium referred to below:

  • For insured persons responsible for an accident and recognised as having alcoholic impregnation at the time of the accident: 150%;
  • For insured persons responsible for an accident or a traffic violation that led to the suspension or cancellation of the driver’s license:
  • Suspension of two to six months: 50%;
  • Suspension of more than six months: 100%;
  • Cancellation or multiple suspensions of more than two months during the same reference period as defined in Article A. 121-1: 200%;
  • For insured persons guilty of crime of flight after accident: 100%;

For insured persons who have not declared one or more of the aggravating circumstances mentioned above or having not declared the claims for which they were responsible during the last three years preceding the subscription of the contract: 100%;

For insured persons responsible for three or more claims during the annual reference period: 50%.

Be aware that it is not easy to secure after a license suspension. Indeed, many insurance companies refuse to take a new customer who has been withdrawn from the license during the last 36 months. It is therefore often necessary to privilege its current insurer as well as the additional costs of the contract.

If you cannot find an insurer, it is possible to go through a broker or, after your license is returned, to lease a vehicle through an intermediary. Indeed, the insurance will be borne by the rental company and not in your name.

Find insurance after a license withdrawal

Companies have specialised in insurance policies for drivers following a license withdrawal, whether it is a suspension, cancellation or invalidation.

Finally, Driving without a license-In the case of suspension, except for the white permit (only with a judicial suspension), it is not possible to drive a vehicle requiring the permit. Even if you could be tempted to drive without a license, sanctions can go up to £5000 fine, two years imprisonment, a loss of 6 points of the license.

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