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How To Get Car Insurance For 17 Years Olds

That’s it! Already 17 years old and a driving license in his pocket. What a freedom! But before slipping behind the wheel and enjoying the pleasures of driving, one must first think about the Car insurance for 17 years. Some tips for young drivers.  The first scenario that comes first probably the most common is that of the boy or girl who uses the family car. Parents and owners of the vehicle must call their insurer to add the name of their son or daughter to the insurance policy as a casual driver; this will obviously increase the premium by a certain percentage, according to a study, among other things, the classification of the vehicle.

  • 17 years olds driver has the means to buy a vehicle
  • A new vehicle or used
  • Some wise tips

17 Years Olds Driver Has The Means To Buy A Vehicle

The young driver has the means to buy a vehicle. Here, things get a bit complicated. Remember that auto insurance, like any form of insurance, is based on risk assessment, the higher the risk, the higher the insurance premium.

All categories combined and regardless of age, it is estimated that the risk for a driver to be responsible for an accident is 1 in 25, says Christian Duval. On the other hand, among young people under 18, this risk is 1 in 5 for boys and 1 in 10 for girls. These figures alone explain why Car insurance for 17 years premiums is higher for young drivers.

A New Vehicle Or Used

If the young driver wants to own his own vehicle, what type of vehicle should he turn to? A new or used vehicle? The insurance premium varies according to the type of vehicle, explains Christian Duval, an expert. High-performance vehicles, such as large-displacement vehicles, sports vehicles, and vehicles whose brand is highly prized by thieves, are all more expensive to insure.

According to some other research, the equation between a young driver with no experience and a car of this category is nonsense; this young driver will pay a fortune for insurance.

Buying a used car is, therefore, more sensible: It should be remembered that bodily injury caused by a car accident is going to be compensated by the Insurance Company. Private auto insurance deals only with property damage sometimes, and it is without regard to fault, which means that each insurer compensates its customer when an accident occurs.

Private auto insurance usually includes three covers even on Car insurance for 17 years. The first, which is mandatory for all drivers in the region, the liability insurance may be worth at least £50,000. This insurance covers property damage that your vehicle could cause to someone else’s property, says Christian Duval, for example, if you hit a pole or if you push a fence. The second is collision insurance, which protects the vehicle from damage caused by a collision.

Car Insurance For 17 Years Olds

The third is insurance that covers the damage caused when there is no collision. It is insurance that protects against theft, fire, breakage of a window, etc.  

Let’s go back a bit. Collision insurance accounts for about two-thirds of the insurance premium, if a young person buys a pitcher, he or she may be able to save money by accepting the risk that if he or she is responsible for an accident, he or she will not be compensated. On the other hand, if he is not responsible for the accident, he can be compensated under the liability insurance.

In the case of the purchase of a higher quality used vehicle, the value of the vehicle will be used to determine whether or not the collision insurance is beneficial to the owner. Also, says Christian Duval, when there is a lender, as a rule, the latter will require collision Car insurance for 17 years.

Some Wise Tips For Car Insurance For 17 Years

The first advice to the young drivers is the following: take your time. The insurance premium takes into account the experience of the driver as well as his balance on the road, before buying a vehicle and purchasing its own car insurance, a young person can accumulate a few years of experience while driving the family car. Every year spent without an accident will go to his file and when he takes his first insurance policy, this experience will also be reflected in the premium to pay. 

Second tip: it is best to contact an insurer before buying a car. As the classification of the vehicles counts in the premium, it is better to know it before deciding if it is this vehicle that we want to buy, adds by an insurance pro. There is no need to buy a vehicle if the premium payable exceeds the available budget.

Young drivers are also advised to take a driving course. We consider the driving course as a driving experience, which lowers the Car insurance for 17 years premium. For example, here at Arkwright Insurance Brokers, we offer a 10% discount to young drivers who have taken a driving course.

Another important point: you must always shop for your insurer. The gap between insurers is very real and sometimes surprising, says an expert. Insurance for the same vehicle, under the same conditions, can amount to £2,000 at one insurer and 6,000 at another.

There is obviously an interest in comparing. Also, some insurers, such as Arkwright Insurance Brokers, are particularly interested in the young driver’s segment. We are used to serving this clientele, which is why we offer a 10% discount to college students and university students.

The last advice concerns all the drivers, young and not so young. The Car insurance for 17 years premium you pay reflects your driving experience, whether good or bad and regardless of age, says a well-known expert and driving with caution to avoid accidents remains the best way to see the insurance premium fall.

Finally, you can visit The Arkwright Insurance Brokers, or maybe make use of our website contact us feature to ask any questions. Arkwright Insurance Brokers delivers all kind of insurance coverages, services, and products and even employing the very best and newest technologies to offer their customers the kind of information and services they should have pertaining Car insurance for 17 years drivers.   

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