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How Much Is Car Insurance For A 17-Year-Old?

All the 17-year-olds guys out there are usually never understand that they need to have car insurance should they really want to be officially permitted on our road, so it is up to you, as their parent, to find the best insurance for 17-year-olds that you could get. It goes without stating that your teenager must have car insurance for 17-year-olds in the UK. Failure to be driving an insured car can result in a bad run-in with the law, something neither you nor your teenager want on your record.
These Are Some Of The Things Which Go With Their Insurance:

• Send your teen to a certified driving instructor training
• Make sure that the L-Plate is visible on both the rear and front of the car.
• The car your 17-year-old is driving must be roadworthy and have a MOT certificate.
• 17-year-olds who need car insurance can find much lower premiums having done the course.


Car Insurance For A 17-Year-Old


You don’t want your teen having any run-ins with the law, and so you need to remember some of the rules revolving around learner drivers.
One among the best methods of getting a reasonable premium is to send your teen to a certified driving instructor course. 17-year-olds are known to be reckless drivers, with statistics showing that 38 percent of claims made to insurance companies are by 17 to 18-year-olds. Not only will a driving course give your teen the confidence and skills they need on the road, which will make them more responsible and safer on the road, it will also contribute in a very good way towards lower insurance premiums.

How much does this car insurance really cost?

Also, 17-year-olds must have their eyes tested before getting on the road (this is just a good idea), and any illness such as diabetes or epilepsy must be reported to the insurance company otherwise it is insurance fraud.

Before you do that, though, your teen will need to apply for a provisional driving license. You can order a D1 Pack from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) at their website (see Online Services and then Online Form Ordering) to apply for one, or pick up the pack at the nearest post office. Overall, the application should cost you or your teen about £50.

Remember, when your teen is still a learner driver they are not allowed to drive on the motorways. This is really for their own good as the majority of fatal accidents in the UK happen on the motorways. However, the Pass Plus training course – designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) – has been created to teach drivers how to drive in adverse weather conditions and on the motorways.

It basically concentrates around avoiding hazards, knowing the car, driving at night, driving on dual carriageways, and driving in town or rural areas. It focuses on giving a positive outlook towards driving and building both skill and confidence with its students. For 17-year-olds, the Pass Plus is the ideal course in ensuring they are confident and safe on the road. 17-year-olds who need car insurance can find much lower premiums having done the course.

How To Protect Your Young Driver?

How to protect yourself financially? Or what is equal to how to keep the cost of insurance to a minimum amount?
Here are some recommendations from the Insurance Information Institute to improve the safety of your teen driver:
Talk to the young driver about the dangers of combining driving with;
• Alcohol,
• Drugs,
• Lack of sleep
• Distractions

Select a car that is safe.
The type of car that young driver drives will definitely affect the price of insurance. You and your teen can choose a car that is easy to drive and provides protection even in the event of a crash. Avoid very small cars and sports cars that are designed for high speed and performance because they can tempt the youngster to drive at excessive and dangerous speeds. Avoid all-terrain vehicles (SUVs), vans or trucks, as they are more likely to tip over.

Have The Teen Take A Driving Course.

A young person who learns to drive through a driving course is seen more favourably by insurers than one who learns driving with his parents. In fact, in some states, teens should take a course if they wish to get a license at the age of 16 or wait until age 18 if they do not take the course.
Learning to drive safely will not only make your son or daughter well, safe and secure, but it will also save you money. Taking a driving course can mean a 15% discount on the price of the insurance premium. Before you enrol in the course, make sure that the course you are taking is accepted by your insurer.

Car Insurance

Enroll The Young Driver In Defensive Driving Courses.

Some insurers offer what they call safe driver programs. For young drivers to participate in these programs they must sign a contract with which they commit to being a safe or responsible driver, for example, they can not drive and consume alcohol, etc. Ask if your insurance company has these types of programs and if the teen meets the course will be eligible for a discount.
Some insurers also have programs that include monitoring the car with equipment installed on it. Parents can see where the boys are on a device similar to a global positioning device that is placed on the dashboard. Parents can see where the youth is on a web page and if they exceed speed limits in the area or venture into areas far away from home or school, parents automatically receive notification.

Finding car insurance for 17-year-olds that’s well priced will take some shopping on your part, but the effort is well worth it. Many insurance companies such Arkwright Insurance Brokers will offer some significant discounts for doing the driving courses, as well as have no-claims discounts of nine great months to a year so that a 17-year-old can take advantage, as soon as they can.

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