Cyber Liability Cover

What does a cyber liability insurance policy cover?

Protect your business from virtual threats like loss of important data or malicious hackers attempting to steal confidential information.

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Cyber Liability Insurance

  • Protection against cyber security risks in the areas of:
    • Recovery of data in the event of a security breach
    • Dedicated cyber security cover against digital threats
    • Protection against theft of intellectual property in the event of a cyber attack
    • Immediate response from experts within 1 hour of notification of an incident
    • Deployment of IT Forensics - provided by KPMGs Response
    • Legal Response & PR Consultancy - to contain damage to reputation
    • Costs of notifying those people affected
    • Insurable fines and penalties by data protection regulator
    • Network Interruption - loss of net profit - optional
    • Cyber/Privacy Extortion - response and ransom payments - optional
    • Digital Media Liability - breach of intellectual property rights - optional
  • Defence costs and cover damages against:
    • Breach of personal or corporate data
    • Contaminating someone else's data with a virus
    • Theft of systems access code
    • A negligent act or error by an employee

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