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Multi Car

What you need to know about multi car insurance


Increasingly many people have more than one car at their home; this can mean that you are paying more than necessary for your car insurance by insuring them individually.  With also increasingly older children now staying at home longer due increasing tents and house prices, it is now typical families to have more than one car at home.  Households of young professionals sharing a flat can even have upto 5 cars or more. 


Insurance companies have started offering discounts on multi car insurance policies that can cover all of the cars registered at the same address under one policy.  If you have more than 2 registered at the same address we can save you money by insuring the cars under the same policy.  We would run a search across all of the markets we deal with and get you the best premium.  Insurance providers can cover between 2 and 5 cars under same policy.  This makes life much easier by saving money, time and effort. 


So how does a multi car insurance policy actually work?


Driver can usually choose various levels of multi car insurance and set different excesses for each of the vehicle (all of the cars must be registered at the same address).  The annual policy runs from the date of the last car insurance us up for renewal.  Short term policy cover can be given on other cars in the mean time. 


For example, say you have one car that needs to be insured in February and another in June, although the February car will be the first to be re-insured, your multi-car insurance policy will and in June the following year once the second vehicle has been insured for a full 12 months.


The vehicles covered by multi car insurance must be for private use only and the drivers on the policy can only drive all the cars insured if they are registered as named drivers.