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Residential Landlord Insurance

People rent out their valued properties in hope of getting the financial benefits of the rent they can acquire and add value for their property. When you are a landlord especially in the UK you would consider having a backup or coverage to protect you and your property, as a pre plan for any issues related with your property. The main focus and priority could be in acquiring the most important insurance covers

Getting the best out of your Residential Landlord Insurance

When we talk about insurance covers the ranges you can choose from are monumental, you choosing what is important for you is what matters. Here are some options that you might consider.

  • Building Insurance

Natural disasters and man-made disasters would be major unseen reason that could completely destroy your property. Fires, floods, earthquakes are all unpredictable and could irreversibly damage your assets. This would give you a good coverage on your property and the damages to be eventually assessed and recovered,

Residential landlord property insurance

  • Cover for the content policy

Invaluable furniture would be a part of the property that would be destroyed in case of imminent dangers. This policy specifically quotes the necessity of covering the value of those assets too.


  • Landlord liability

Maintaining your property is something you might be doing as a daily maintenance routine. Unfortunately no matter how careful you are, accidents are unpredictable. The necessity to be prepared in case any harm is caused by your property to your tenant or visitor, this claim will protect you and lessen your burden.


  • Loss of rent policy

In case of an emergency and your tenant call no longer stay in your property, temporarily or long term, basically when disaster strike like a flood or hurricane and destroys the property you would be hard hit if this is the only source of income you have. This policy covers it and gives you the financial back up necessary.


  • Default cover

This is an option that is made available together with the landlord insurance. In case the rent is not paid by the tenant for more than two months the insurance company would pay it for you. Of course there are terms and conditions attached to it, most concerns of having a background check-up done before you choose the tenant, together with the credit history and personal information.


  • Empty rental property

Not all insurance policies cover this option in the UK. What this exactly means is that you can create or choose similar options of the landlord insurance components and implement it here. It is usually for a property that has no tenants, it could cover the building insurances too.


  • Legal issues cover

When issues with the tenant arises and disputes crop up. The reasons could be many but you would want to take legal actions towards them. Unfortunately you might not be financially secure to do it. This policy gives the financial back up necessary for you to battle out a troublemaker.


Protecting your valuable property and assets are not a difficult if you acquire these insurances.