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Short Term Car Insurance

A short term car insurance will provide cover on a vehicle for a short period of time.  There is also short term insurance is also available for vans, homes, motorbikes, motorhomes etc.  Most insurers offer comprehensive cover for generally upto 28 days and what cars can be covered for a short term period will be determined also by the insurer. 

Why and when would you take out a short term car insurance?

People opt for car insurance for a variety of reasons and normally tend to take out comprehensive cover.  This is due to many of the insurers only providing this type of cover.  This type of cover can be useful when it comes to cost as it will work out to be cheaper when needing to insure your car due to needing to make a change to an existing policy. If you need to make a claim from an accident it shouldn’t affect your NCBs (No Claims Bonus).

Short Term Car Insurance

Main key cover points:

  • Generally available for between one and 28 days
  • You cannot tax the car with a short term car insurance policy
  • There would be a restriction on how many short term insurance policies you can take in a 12 month period
  • Temporary car breakdown available
  • Comprehensive cover available for driving in Europe (additional charges will normally apply and may have a minimum level of cover available)
  • Short term car insurance available for business usage (enquire for hire vehicle)

Generally, drivers consider short term or temporary car insurance cover in the following circumstances:

  • When need to collect or deliver a car (not when in a motor trade industry)
  • Borrowing or hiring a car
  • Test driving a car before purchasing
  • Driving a vehicle that they have just purchased from a car trader or vehicle dealer
  • Driving a car on a long trip with family or friend
  • Driving a classic or high-performance vehicle that you normally don’t use
  • I need to use a car in an emergency situation
  • Driving a courtesy car i.e. from a dealer whilst your car is being repaired or serviced

Typically, the majority of the insurers will only offer comprehensive cover, however, there are some insurers who offer third party, fire and theft cover.  Driver must remember that this type of cover is not a replacement for an annual insurance policy, therefore normally insurers will apply some sort restrictions as to the number of policies you can take out in any rolling month period.

Short Term Car Insurance

What are the restrictions that may be imposed by the insurer?

Ideally, insurers will impose certain restrictions such as of those already mentioned above.  There will be certain criteria for drivers to take this type of policy such as the driver needs to be over 20 years old and have had a full driving license and for “x” number of years.

Having said this, there would also be a restriction on a maximum age such as 75 years old but this would depend on the insurers as it depends from insurer to insurer.

Are there any exclusions?

Normally insurers will have some set of exclusions which it will restrict from the insurer to insure the vehicle. 

Exclusions can I include as follows:

  • Vehicle to be driven by another person who is not listed on the policy certificate of insurance as entitled to drive
  • Damage to or theft of the vehicle caused by leaving the keys in the ignition
  • Vehicle being used for purpose other than what had been declared to the insurer

Drivers should speak to the broker with regard to the following before considering in taking out this type of insurance policy:

  • Taxing the car
  • Options and add-ons
  • Are there any much more suitable insurance policies available
  • What is affecting your premium if it is too high

We at Arkwright Insurance Brokers have helped thousands of driver who have been looking for a short term or a temporary car insurance cover.  Contact us on 01204 392 525 or email us at

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Short Term Car Insurance