Multi Van Insurance

Specialist cover for more than one van

Whether for business or domestic use, you may own multiple vans that will all need to be insured. It can often be cheaper to insure several vehicles on one policy, rather than individually.

Arkwright can help you to save time and money by providing you with appropriate and affordable cover for all of your vans in one go.

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About multi van insurance

  • How a multi van policy can benefit you

    If you own or operate multiple vans, each one of them needs to have appropriate insurance in place before they can take to the road. Rather than having a separate policy for each vehicle, it’s possible to have all of your vans covered under one overall policy.

    Opting for multi van insurance helps to make things more convenient for you and can potentially save you money. It can be quite a time-consuming process to search for individual insurance policies for lots of individual vehicles. In the longer term, if you ever need to make a claim or you’re trying to keep track of renewal dates, having separate policies could prove to be a bit of a headache.

    With all your vans covered in one go, you can cut out the hassle of juggling several policies and worrying about the cost of individual premiums. It’s most common for owners of multiple vehicles to be using them for business. Multi van insurance helps to make life easier, offering flexibility and potentially lower premiums without the hassle of dealing with different policies and documents.

  • Aspects that can significantly affect your premium

    The premium you pay will depend on a variety of different factors, including the types of vans or other commercial vehicles on the policy, the person or people who will drive them and what they’ll be used for on a daily basis. There are various levels of cover available too, which could raise of lower the amount you’d expect to pay.

    Most multi van policies will cover small fleets used for business or commercial purposes. As part of a company, there may be individual drivers assigned to certain vans, or it may be necessary for all vehicles on your policy to be covered for ‘any driver’ or a list of named drivers. Individual driving histories will affect the cost of your premium, with strong records and years of no-claims helping to keep costs down but younger or inexperienced drivers potentially causing costs to rise.

    The make and model of each van will also come into play, as each one will be assigned to an insurance group by the ABI (Association of British Insurers), number between 1 – 20. If your fleet is made up of vehicles in low number groups, this will be reflected in a relatively lower premium, while including vans in higher groups could raise costs a bit.

  • Types of cover for multiple vans

    On top of the standard levels of motor insurance – like Third Party, TP Fire & Theft and Comprehensive – there are various additional options to choose from, depending on how the van will be used and what items it may carry on a regular basis:

    Carriage of own goods provides cover just for items you own while they’re in the van. This is most applicable to tradesmen or teams of manual workers who will only carry their own tools and equipment on call-outs or when needing to work remotely.

    Haulage covers one item or shipment that you may be delivering to a single recipient at one particular destination. This will generally not involve any separate drop-offs or stops on your journey, as you’ll simply be carrying goods end to end.

    Carriage of goods for hire and reward will be necessary if you’re carrying multiple packages each to be delivered to different locations. Usually mail-order delivery services, this may involve making lots of small trips or stopping at numerous delivery stops along your daily journey.

  • Choose Arkwright for your specialist insurance

    At Arkwright, we work with a diverse panel of insurance providers to help our customers to receive the right insurance for the lowest possible premium. We get to know you and your specific needs, so that you can be sure you get a policy that’s tailored to meet your requirements.

    Speak to one of our helpful and friendly team by calling 01204 392 525 to get a competitive quote for multi van insurance. Alternatively, get in touch with us online by sending us a few details and we can take it from there.

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