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Where Can I Get Imported Car Insurance?

Usually, car insurance companies do not simply offer insurance cover for imported cars. Assuming they do, then you may expect an extremely high premium on the insurance. For factors that such cars are luxurious, costly, as well as the replacement of parts is going to be difficult and then pricey to obtain. Insurers do not wish to suffer the extra expenditures if they charge lower premium fees for such a vehicle.

With this, getting an inexpensive imported car policy can provide you with too much headache however it is not impossible should you just understand how to shop around for the quotes with lower premium rates. In case you are going to consider browsing them the internet, it is most likely you will get the best rates of high quality that you are searching for.

There are lots of online insurance providers, but just a few focus on imported cars or maybe offer good prices. Compare prices of each and every company and then get the one that is willing to provide you with the best as well as most competitive rate as much as you can. Listed here are possible suggestions that will help you get lower the prices of insurance coverage for your import car:

  • Keep your import car locked up for basic safety on your own garage while not being used. Such cars will probably get the car – napped while left parked on the highway. While your car is kept safe from being stolen, insurers will lower down your very own premiums by 5% pretty well.
  • Brand new imported cars are less expensive compared to old or even vintage cars. Should you be looking to buy a brand new car, do with the small and even plain types since they will be less expensive to run therefore you have a good chance of obtaining a cheap insurance. High – end and then vintage cars have higher insurance costs.
  • Acquire temporary car insurance for cars in case you do not really make use of your car frequently.
  • The number, as well as age of the drivers which will be included in your policy, will, also, determine the rate of quality that the insurers are going to charge you.
  • Furnish your car with security together with safety tools. It will surely lower down the prices of your car insurance plan.

Where Can I Get Imported Car Insurance


Extended Coverage Imported Cars

The next issue today is aimed at those people who decide to import a vehicle from abroad but without the need to legalize it. First, we must differentiate two key terms, on the one hand, an imported car and on the other hand a legalized car. You have been able to enter the country any vehicle coming from Canada or the European Union without having to pay any tax, but there is something very important that you have to consider and it is that you can only move by cities Border, i.e., if you import a car from the Canada or any other country, you cannot go to some part of our country.

For this it is necessary to legalize it, paying the necessary fees for red tape of the patent, opening of the folder, among other things. But if you live in a border city and do not have the need to legalize it, you are probably faced with the problem of not finding a wide coverage for imported cars, so we will solve the disadvantages by bringing you the best option that exists in the market nowadays.

Among so many insurance companies that we can find today, there is certainly one that stands out above the rest, a company with many years of experience in our country to be shaken by more than one million customers who have already tried their excellent service; we are talking Of an established Insurance here.

This insurer is one of the few in the country to offer ample coverage for imported cars since most companies only want to offer limited coverage. Among the major advantages of this service we can highlight the possibility of financing the insurance policy in up to 12 fixed installments without interest, so once you have completed the operation, you don’t have to worry about the increase in Value of the vehicle or the costs that this entails directly with your monthly payment.

About the service itself, we highlight that it has protection in case of any accident, civil and personal liability protection in case of damages to third parties, coverage for total loss of the very car in the event of theft or theft, natural catastrophes or by fires. It also has an exclusive service to cover the medical expenses of both the driver and the people inside the car in the event of a car mishap and also has the assistance of the traveler.




With respect to the necessary requirements for the contracting of the comprehensive coverage for imported cars, it is necessary, in addition to obviously being a car with the foreign plate, to present the title of ownership of the motor vehicle and identity document. Finally, the only two restrictions that apply to this service is that it must be a vehicle for private use and the maximum term of coverage, whether broad or limited, is 365 days, so it must necessarily be renewed annually to Circulate freely.

For more information, you can call our customer service centre where you will be attended by staff fully trained to offer you the best service.

With years of experience in the local market, WE are already one of the most recognized companies both nationally and globally. Because of this, we are not afraid to assert that if what you are looking for is a comprehensive coverage insurance for legalized cars, then we will show you the excellence of a service planned to fit the needs of the client perfectly. This service has protection in case of physical and moral damages to third parties as earlier stated.

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Where Can I Get Imported Car Insurance?
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