Convicted Driver Quote Required? - Arkwright Insurance Brokers

Convicted Driver

What type of Convictions do we have Policies available for?


  • Insurance for banned drivers
  • Insurance for drink drivers
  • Insurance for license with points
  • Insurance for driver rehabilitated
  • Insurance for convicted driver
  • BA, DR, IN, and TT insurance


Driving a car with motoring convictions doesn’t mean you can get value for your car insurance.


We can cover you for the following:-


  • SP30 – speeding offence
  • IN10 – driving with no insurance
  • CD10 – driving with due care and attention
  • DR10 – drink driving


We will try our best to get you back on the road without having to spending a lot.


If you are aged 21 or over with points on your license we can certainly assist you find cheaper quote for convicted driver. We will take into account your previous driving record and history and experience.


We at Arkwright Insurance Brokers are we experienced when needing to find insurance for a convicted driver (motoring or criminal convictions). We unlike other insurance brokers offer competitive rates no matter what your driving history or record says. 


Why use Us:

  • Cheap convicted car insurance
  • Cover for all motoring convictions
  • Immediate cover available
  • Convicted Driver specialists