Modified Car Insurance

Specialist cover for cars with bespoke modifications

Modified car insurance by our specialist – Arkwright Insurance can provide tailored quotes for cars that have been modified from the manufacturer’s standards.

While many other insurance providers may be unfamiliar with custom modifications, we’re proud to offer competitive quotes for your exact specifications.

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About modified car insurance

  • How does modified car insurance work?

    An insurance policy for a modified car will differ from standard car insurance because of the need to create a customised policy that accurately reflects the specific alterations to your car. Unlike cars that adhere to factory standards, no two modified cars are guaranteed to look or perform in the same way, so additional knowledge of modifications and individual assessments are necessary to produce an insurance quote.

    For this reason, many insurance companies may not feel comfortable with providing quotes for modified cars. However, Arkwright has helped many previous customers to find specialist insurance for their modified vehicles with a strong success rate and high customer satisfaction.

    People who love taking care of their cars may choose to reflect this by making alterations, whether to boost performance or to simply add cosmetic enhancements. For any motorist choosing to modify their car, however, it's important to understand how certain changes can affect your insurance premiums.

  • How can modifications affect your premium?

    Car insurance premiums for modified cars are typically more expensive than standard car insurance. The main reason for this comes down to the level of uncertainty that insurers may have about how certain alterations may affect the car itself.

    Modifications are generally defined as any changes made to the car that makes it differ from the original factory standard. These changes don't necessarily need to be significant to have an impact on the cost of your insurance. Even the most popular modifications like alloy wheels, tow bars and parking sensors must be declared and could put up your premium.

    In the eyes of many insurers, any work done to modify the car from the original model cannot be guaranteed as it could cause elements of the car to function differently to what the manufacturer intended. This can even lead to the car being viewed as a greater risk on the road or potentially more attractive to thieves.

    With a higher chance of accident, vandalism or theft comes a higher insurance premium. On top of these modifications driving up the element of risk, the additions and changes made to modified cars can make them more costly to repair if damaged or replace altogether. It's important to be aware of the potential higher costs associated with insuring a modified car.

  • What modifications reduce car insurance?

    There are a few ways you can potentially lower the costs associated with your modified car insurance. These include increasing security features like ensuring the car has an alarm and/or immobiliser fitted to prevent theft. Parking the car in a safe and secure place overnight is also highly advised.

    As with any other car insurance policy, there are three types of cover to choose from: TPO, TPFT and Comprehensive. These different cover types will come at different costs, which could help you to keep your premium low. However, the danger is that you may not be able to claim for certain damages with a cheaper policy.

    Limiting your annual mileage and fitting a tracking device can also produce slightly discounted premiums, especially if your car is made by a prestigious brand or has a high value. Having proof of claims-free driving or holding a considerable amount of no-claims bonus can also contribute in a small way to lowering the cost of your premium.

  • Choose Arkwright for your specialist insurance

    Arkwright Insurance Brokers are able to discuss your vehicle with you to determine what modifications your car has and to work out a quote. By speaking directly to one of our expert team, we'll be able to provide you with a tailored quote that matches the customised nature of your vehicle.

    In some cases, if modifications are relatively minor, you may be able to request a quick quote using our online application form by clicking the "Get a quote" button. If your modifications are larger or more complex, you can still speak to us on 01204 392 525 where one of our team will be available to help you.

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