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Specialist cover for vans with added modifications

At Arkwright, we have the specialist knowledge available to provide modified insurance quotes for vans that have been altered or contain modifications that make them differ from the manufacturer’s original specifications.

It can be difficult to find an insurance provider that’s comfortable enough with quoting for unfamiliar or non-standard vehicle mods. We’re committed to helping make life easier by working with a large panel of insurers to find the right policy.

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About modified van insurance

  • Do I need different insurance for a modified van?

    If your van’s structure differs in any way to how it was originally manufactured, then it will be classed as a modified van in the eyes of insurance providers. Any modifications, whether large or small, need to be noted as they may have a significant effect on a van’s performance or appearance.

    Failure to declare such alterations to your insurer can put you at risk of being incorrectly covered or not being able to make certain claims. Not only can this prove costly if you should need to repair or replace any parts of the van, it could even mean you end up responsible for dealing with any legal action alone if you ever have an accident.

    As with any other vehicle, there are several concerns for insurers that come from a sense of uncertainty. Damage can strike at any time for all sorts of reasons, even to the safest of drivers. The unpredictability of other drivers, fires and even simple wear and tear over time all need to be factored in as potential causes of damage.

    Certain modifications can even make a van appear attractive to thieves, putting the vehicle at greater risk of being stolen or vandalised. Repairing or replacing these elements, or even having to source a completely new van with the same specifications will be considerably more difficult and costly.

  • Why do modifications affect an insurance policy?

    Manufacturers will build vans to certain specifications and declare this when registering them. Therefore, any deviation from these specs after a van has already been registered will be classed as a modification.

    Changes don’t have to be massive or extravagant to count as modifications. Even fitting a tow bar, roof rack or a different stereo system will mean that the vehicle deviates from its registered specs. While some insurers may not mind about relatively minor changes like these, they will still need to be declared when you take out a new insurance policy.

    Certain modifications may not have an overall effect on price, but alterations that enhance the van’s speed or performance may well drive up the cost of your premium. Insurers will need to include information of these changes in your policy to provide appropriate cover for any extras or alternative body work that needs to be taken into account.

    If you have a van that’s seen significant alterations or even body conversions, it may be necessary to look even further into specific types of insurance. Refrigerated vans or multi-purpose bodies like tippers and flatbeds will require an in-depth, customised assessment from insurance providers to make sure you get the most appropriate cover available.

  • Choose Arkwright for your specialist insurance

    To help you find the right insurance cover for your modified van, Arkwright boasts a knowledgeable team of insurance experts. By speaking to us and sharing all the finer details about your vehicle, we can consult our wide panel of insurers to provide you with the best possible quote.

    Whether your van has a couple of minor aesthetic alterations or larger performance enhancing aspects, out team can provide clarity on how your premium may be affected by specific additions to the vehicle. We’ve helped many previous satisfied customers to find modified van insurance policies that cover all bases at a competitive and affordable price.

    Call Arkwright Insurance today on 01204 392 525 to discuss your unique needs with one of our helpful and friendly team. We work quickly and efficiently to provide you with the best possible quote from a trusted and reliance insurer on our panel to find you specialist insurance for your modified van.

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