Tipper Truck Insurance

Specialist cover for a range of tippers

When operating a certain type of business, you may require a large van or truck with additional capabilities and mechanisms.

At Arkwright, we work with owners of all kinds of vehicles to help them find an appropriate insurance policy that provides suitable cover for an affordable yet competitive premium.

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About tipper truck insurance

  • Finding the right tipper truck insurance

    Trying to find the right tipper truck insurance is difficult enough, since few insurers will offer this degree of specialism. As an unusual type of vehicle for the vast majority of drivers, it’s just as uncommon to find a suitable insurance provider as it is to be a tipper truck operator.

    Playing a vital role in the construction industry, trucks may primarily operate on certain construction sites. However, many will also do a lot of travelling on public roads for various uses, from transporting materials between sites to assisting in roadside constructions or roadworks.

    Whether working on the road or on a private site, there’s always the chance that accidents can happen. While tipper trucks are fairly tough and capable of special functions, they’re not indestructible and can become damaged by falling materials or uneven ground.

    Having an appropriate insurance policy in place gives you the peace of mind that damages to your vehicle can be taken care of. This allows you to get on with the work at hand, without worrying too much about your truck being involved in any mishaps that occur on-site or in transit.

  • Certain things to think of when insuring a tipper truck

    A typical insurance premium for a tipper truck will generally cost more than standard van insurance because of the larger size, additional parts and various mechanisms included. Tipping mechanisms in particular commonly rely on hydraulic pistons, which can be extremely expensive to repair or replace if they malfunction or become damaged.

    Considering tipper trucks help you to carry out vital work – be it on a construction site or in a temporarily cordoned-off public space – having your truck out of action can cause severe disruptions to your business, both in terms of schedule and finances. Having the right cover in place with ensure any necessary repairs are made quickly and at no additional cost to you were possible.

    It’s highly unlikely that tipper trucks will ever be used for personal or domestic use, so it’s important to ensure that you have suitable business or commercial insurance in place for your vehicle too. A business owning multiple trucks to be used by multiple drivers will require specific levels of insurance to operate in a manner that is both safe and legal.

  • Types of insurance for tippers trucks

    Making sure that your truck has adequate insurance cover is a legal requirement. However, having the most appropriate cover to suit you and your usage habits could end up saving you thousands in case disaster should strike.

    Alongside the typical insurance level options of Third Party Only, TP Fire & Theft and Comprehensive cover, the length of time you require insurance for your tipper truck may need to be taken into consideration. Whether it’s for just a few days, several weeks or a couple of months, there may be cases where paying for a whole year’s worth of cover may not be entirely necessary.

    Cover for a truck may only be needed when transferring a newly purchased truck to a site or storage facility. Alternatively, you may want to insure a new employee under a basic temporary policy, so they can get to work straight away, giving you a bit of time to seek out a suitable annual policy that’s more tailored to your specific requirements.

    Temporary policies can last from a single day to a whole month and can be renewed as necessary. With temporary insurance, you can select the exact date and time of when your policy begins and ends, so you only pay for the cover for the times it’s actually needed.

  • Choose Arkwright for your specialist insurance

    With help from Arkwright Insurance, you can take the hassle out of finding the best insurance policy that matches all your needs. Our expert team members have previously assisted customers in securing a range of specialist van insurance policies, including cover for tipper trucks.

    Get in touch with our team today by calling 01204 392 525. During a friendly chat, we can discuss the specifics of your tipper truck insurance to provide you with a tailored policy at a competitive yet affordable cost. We have a large panel of specialist insurers on hand so that we can be confident in finding you the best possible quote available.

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