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Insuring your left-hand drive imported car

American car insurance – With American cars becoming increasingly popular among UK motorists, it’s important for owners to make sure their valuable cars are properly insured.

At Arkwright, we can offer assistance on advice to get you a quote for your left-hand drive car that won’t be beaten anywhere else.

It is important all relevant steps have been taken to insure the imported vehicle. For more information visit the gov site for Importing vehicles into the UK.

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About American & left-hand drive car insurance

  • Why have an American car?

    Billions of pounds worth of American cars are imported to Europe each year, with many of these being bought up by motoring enthusiasts in the UK. Whether you’re going for a classic or rare model, or looking for a greener alternative with a hybrid engine, cars not officially available through UK dealerships can still be an attractive prospect.

    What’s more, there’s no legal issue with driving a left-hand drive vehicle in the UK. Whether it’s an imported car from America or an existing car from Europe in the country for a trip, there should be no trouble using it on the road. It’s important to note, however, that it may be a little more expensive to insure a left-hand drive.

    For some, owning an American classic can be something of an aspiration. While it can be tempting to plump for an iconic vehicle we’ve seen in the movies – like a Corvette, Cadillac or Mustang – a luxury model, import tax and appropriate car insurance can all add up to a hefty price tag.

  • What kind of cost?

    There are a lot of insurers in the UK that tend to stay away from providing quotes for imported cars as there’s a massive element of uncertainty surrounding specifications, sourcing spare or replacement parts and finding trusted garages to carry out repairs when necessary.

    Finding this specialist insurance is so difficult that often motorists may go with the first quote they get, rather than shop around for a better deal. This means that many people will pay even more for a policy that’s bound to be a bit more expensive than typical car insurance cover.

    It’s always well advised for you and your insurer to agree on the value of the car, as this will ensure you don’t experience any dispute at a later date if you need to make a claim. If your car suffers significant damage or is written off after an accident, your insurer may only pay out up to a specified value which you will need to agree upon from the outset of your cover.

  • Other differences with American car insurance

    Whilst insuring an American or other left-hand drive car is largely the same as insuring a standard car, insurance providers may take different approaches to drawing up policies. For example, insurers may only offer cover for a specialist vehicle like this provided the lead driver meets certain criteria. This could be based on previous claims made, any motoring convictions or even a minimum age limit.

    The mileage, condition and intended use of the car may also factor into the overall quote you receive. You may only showcase your car at specialist events or exhibitions, or allow others to hire you and your car for special occasions like weddings. By only using your car in this way – as opposed to using it as your primary daily transport – you could end up getting a better deal on your premium.

    You may also be able to receive a significant discount if you are a member of a particular car club or organisation. This may demonstrate to insurers that you’re more likely to take greater care of your car and to be a safer driver on the roads, possibly resulting in a considerable discount on your premium.

  • Choose Arkwright for your specialist insurance

    With a team of insurance experts ready and waiting to help you, Arkwright Insurance has provided many specialist car owners with unbeatable quotes. Through an intensive discussion, we get to know the ins and outs of your insurance needs and consult our wide-ranging panel of insurers to find you the best possible premium.

    All we need from you is to have all the necessary information about your American or left-hand drive car and your driving history at the ready. From there, a member of our team can determine the right level of insurance you require and provide a quote.

    To get started, call Arkwright today on 01204 392 525 and have a friendly chat with a member of our team and we can help you to find specialist insurance for your American car.

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