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Supercar insurance can be significantly more costly? Not always when compared to getting a standard car insurance policy. It doesn’t always mean you have to pay over the odds for adequate cover, though.

With our specialist insurance knowledge and cooperation with a panel of providers, Arkwright can help you to find the right policy at the best possible price.

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Looking for Supercar Insurance And High Performance Car Insurance?

  • How is insurance different for super cars?

    Whilst many car insurance providers are happy to offer cover for all sorts of different cars, there may be times when an insurer is uncomfortable dealing with cars of a particularly high specification. High performance cars, super cars and sports cars built with speed in mind can be a concern for some insurers.

    Across the 50 car insurance groups – as set out by the Group Rating Panel – sportier models generally tend to be classified in the more expensive groups. The principle of getting a car insurance policy is largely the same, but only specialist providers may be willing to offer cover in cases where there is a greater level of risk.

    Arkwright Insurance Brokers work with a wide-ranging panel of different insurers that cover varying degrees of specialism. By enlisting our help, we’re determined to find you the best possible quote available from the right insurers that suits your exact needs – especially when high performance and super car insurance has the potential to put significantly more strain on your bank balance.

  • Is high performance car insurance more expensive?

    There are several factors that can affect the cost of your insurance premium. Ultimately, it comes down to the element of risk and the chances that you may need to make a hefty claim. The higher the risks and the likelihood of a potential claim being made, the higher your premium will be.

    One of the major focuses will be on the make and model of your car. Each car type will fall into a pre-determined insurance group, based on its value and the frequency of claims made previously by cars of that same model. High performance cars built with speed in mind are more likely to be involved an accident, no matter how much of a careful driver you are.

    When it comes to making repairs, your provider will want to source a trusted and reputable garage to carry out the necessary work. This may be a specialist that is familiar with your type of super car, meaning that the overall repair work can come at a slightly greater cost. Suitable replacement parts may also be more expensive – another factor contributing to a higher premium.

    High performance or sports cars may also be more attractive to thieves and vandals. By including fire and theft cover on your vehicle, you can be safe in the knowledge that these instances will be appropriately covered. However, it’s important to note that insurers may view your car as a high risk target, which could also bump up the price of your premium.

  • Combining with other policy types

    Just because your insurance will be specific to your high performance or super car, that doesn’t make it wildly different from any other car insurance policy. Depending on your driving experience, any modifications and the level of cover you desire, there’s always the potential for you to combine your insurance with other types for completely customised cover.

    Whether your super car is a classic or luxury model, whether it has any modifications or whether you’re a younger driver, you can get a policy that’s tailored to your unique situation. Each of these aspects can affect the level and type of insurance you require. By highlighting all of your needs to Arkwright, we can help you to find a fully tailored policy so you’re completely covered.

    Additionally, you may also be able to benefit from an agreed-value policy and salvage retention. These can help you if your car is completely written off as the result of an accident or vandalism. With high performance cars, it can be difficult for insurers to determine its exact value at a later date. Agreeing to a certain amount early on give you peace of mind that you won’t be left out of pocket, while salvage retention may allow you to strip the car back for valuable parts after a write-off.

  • Choosing Arkwright for your specialist car insurance

    For a specialist quote, you’ll want to deal with a specialist insurer. At Arkwright, we work with numerous providers to ensure you get the policy that’s right for you at the lowest possible premium.

    To get a high performance or super car insurance policy that meets your unique specifications, call Arkwright today on 01204 392 525 or send us a few quick details online by clicking the “Get a quote” button to get started.

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    For supercar owners looking for competitive insurance solutions, we have you covered. We provide insurance cover for all types of vehicles and owners. From young drivers to a high performance vehicle, we have the right cover for you.
    Get your supercar insurance quote from us today. We have been providing competitive insurance solutions to customers across the UK for many years now, so you can always be sure of a personal service with us. Our supercar insurance brokers offer competitive premiums and bespoke insurance to tailor to your exact needs.
    Speak to our experienced team today to get a competitive price for your comprehensive cover. Our supercar insurance policies offer tailor cover for supercar owners.
    Simply get in touch with us to get a supercar insurance cost from our team at Arkwright Insurance Brokers. We offer the same quality cover with the aim of providing the best insurance quotes. So, if you're looking to discuss insurance costs, breakdown cover, or the many supercars and prestigious brands we provide insurance solutions for, we will be happy to work closely with you.

  • Insure Your Supercar With Arkwright Insurance Brokers

    We provide cover for all vehicle types. From a supercar to a regular everyday vehicle, we have insurance cover to protect all types of vehicles. Whether you're a young driver or your vehicle has a powerful engine, we're here to protect your pride and joy should the worst happen.
    Call our team today for the best supercar insurance quote for your vehicle. Our expert advisers will be there to take care of and understand your needs and talk you through the process whilst advising on your cover, security measures and general risk management.
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