Blog: June 17, 2021

Find out why you need home flood risk insurance

With all the latest bad weather in the UK, there is more concern that flooding might be a continuous danger to homes. This isn’t unfounded. In 2019, the UN’s IPCC (United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) predicted that within 80 years, the UK will experience 10% more rainfall per year than it did in 2005.

This rainfall is also not predicted to be spread out throughout the year. Instead, it is more likely to come during the colder months of the year, whereas summer months are likely to be hotter and drier.

The UK’s met office has also stated that there is a higher potential for heavy rainfall in the UK.

The risk to homes is higher now

This means that the risk to homes is higher now than it has been before. Those living near major rivers or on flood plains will find that their homes may become susceptible to major flood damage on a regular basis.

The damage to the building itself and contents inside the home from flooding can be extensive. Almost everything that the flood water touches will be damaged beyond recovery. Apart from the emotional turmoil, the financial costs of repairing the home and replacing belongings can be in excess of your financial means.

That is why it is advisable to seek advice about flood risk insurance.

How do you know if your home is at risk of flooding?

Your home will be at risk of flooding if you’re near any major bodies of water (rivers, streams, lakes, etc.), there is insufficient flood protection and your house is not raised significantly above the water level.

You can also check on a flood map. There are different maps for the various nations within the UK, see below for the relevant flood maps. These maps may change, so be sure to check them on a regular basis.

If you live in England, you can also contact the local Environment Agency office and request additional information about the level of flood risk in your area. This is known as an insurance-related request letter. These are free to you. The letter should contain all information about planned improvements to reduce the risk of flooding, dates of previous flooding and the most recent flood risk assessment carried out in your area.

This information from the Environment Agency can be helpful when you’re looking to get flood risk insurance quotes.

What will flood risk insurance cover?

Flood risk insurance covers the costs of repairing damage caused by flooding. This will include the removal of debris from your property, all professional (e.g. architects, surveyors, solicitors, etc.) fees, alternative accommodation should you need to live somewhere else while your home is uninhabitable, and the repairs to your property (including drying out and restoring).

You will also have the repair or replacement of damaged furniture and belongings to consider.

Therefore, you are financially protected in the event of a flood. However, different policies have varying levels of protection so it is always best to compare the flood insurance policy of each provider.

Should you get flood risk insurance?

If you live in a high flood risk area, then you should consider buying home flood risk insurance. It can financially protect you should the worse happen.

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