Blog: January 15, 2020

How to transfer bike insurance from one person to another

Owning a motorbike gives you freedom of the roads in the UK, and elsewhere, but there may be times you need to transfer your bike insurance over to someone else. This brief guide from Arkwright Insurance Brokers offers all the essential information needed to help ensure motorbike insurance cover is available, no matter who’s riding your mean machine today

Can I transfer my bike insurance to someone else?

All responsible road users recognise that valid insurances are essential, in the UK and anywhere else in the world. That’s the reason it’s important to check out whether your cover is valid for other users prior to allowing another rider to use your bike on public roads.

If you’re wondering whether you can transfer your insurance to a new buyer, it’s generally the case that your buyer will need to take out their own bike insurance. This means you can claim back for the remainder of your existing insurance policy, after providing your insurer with sufficient notice.

Whether or not you can transfer your bike insurance to another rider will depend on the type of cover you hold. Some comprehensive insurances do offer this ability, but not all. Why not check out all the benefits offered by insuring via Arkwright? Of course, if you hold bike fleet insurance, your entire fleet of motorbikes is covered, and business operational requirements mean you don’t have to nominate individual riders.

My friends have motorbikes, are they insured to ride mine?

If you and a friend plan to swap bikes for a while, you may be insured for this. You need to check your insurance policy carefully beforehand. Some comprehensive bike insurance policies do cover you to ride another person’s bike, however, this will be third party cover only. Your insurance policy may also include other conditions with regards to riding someone else’s bike, so again it’s a good idea to call your broker and discuss your requirements in detail.

It’s quite common for comprehensive bike insurance cover to provide third party insurances for bikes of 351cc and over only. Very often, comprehensive cover for motorbikes is based on your occupation and age, and this is particularly true for policies offering cover to ride motorbikes owned by other people. This also tends to be the case for bike owners wanting to swap machines with their husband or wife. As already noted, it really is important to check out all the conditions of your motorbike insurance policies prior to riding a motorbike belonging to another person.

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