Blog: February 20, 2020

What is UK and EU car breakdown insurance?

Drivers appreciate there’s absolutely nothing worse than breaking down in the middle of nowhere; particularly when driving in Europe. Finding a local garage capable of diagnosing the fault and carrying out repairs to the standards expected from your normal mechanic causes unwarranted stress and is a real hassle. That’s the reason breakdown cover is such as essential insurance add on.

This Arkwright Insurance Brokers summary of motor breakdown cover provides a quick resume of the types of cover available for any UK motorist.

There are various types of car breakdown cover available, covering recovery for national, local and EU. You can also have cover with or without home start.

What is car breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover provides essential service support if your car breaks down. There are lots of different types of breakdown cover on the market, so it’s a good idea to shop around and compare providers. You can opt for cover to insure you while driving any vehicle, or simply insure your current vehicle against breakdown.

Then you’ll need to choose the standard of cover required. This ranges from roadside assistance with recovery options up to the provision of a replacement vehicle. Standard UK breakdown cover is generally available for cars, motorbikes, and vans.

What if my car breaks down in Europe?

If you’re planning to drive in Europe, it will be essential to find out whether EU breakdown cover is included in any existing policy. Some insurances provide standard roadside assistance cover in selected EU countries, while other breakdown policies only relate to UK breakdowns. You can imagine just how stressful a vehicle breakdown may be if you’re touring France or Italy. And, of course, this will be compounded if you discover you’re not covered by your standard breakdown insurance!

Difference between vehicle breakdown cover and personal cover

Opting for vehicle breakdown cover provides insurance for the vehicle irrespective of the driver. It’s often available for up to three vehicles and can be a good solution for families. The personal breakdown cover alternative provides insurance for any vehicles, whether you’re a passenger or the driver. This type of cover can also include up to five household members.

What are the different cover levels for breakdown insurances?

The ideal vehicle breakdown cover includes all the following:

– Assistance at the roadside, with the option for a tow to a local garage in the event the vehicle cannot be started at the roadside.

– Insurance for overnight accommodation, if needed, or replacement vehicle to enable the onward journey to be completed.

– Cover against misfuel accidents.

– Home starts for cars that won’t start while sitting on the drive at your home.

– Cover against breakdowns in some European countries.

Another useful add on is nationwide recovery to any UK address.

Very often insurers offer standard cover, which may include most of the above. This type of cover may only provide recovery to locations within ten miles, and you may be limited to a maximum number of callouts in any one year. Opting for the premium cover gives the highest levels of breakdown cover, with unlimited callouts and recoveries to anywhere in the UK.

Take time to browse the Arkwright Insurance website now to compare all the different vehicle breakdown policies on the market. We’re always happy to discuss individual needs in detail and can help ensure your vehicles are insured against stressful breakdowns, no matter what your circumstances.