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What is included in horsebox insurance policy?

Finding the right insurance for horseboxes might seem daunting, but once you understand the types of policies available and what’s covered it becomes much easier to find a policy that meets your needs. In this article, we’ll explain what’s included in horsebox insurance and help you to figure out what type of policy is right for you.

Should I get insurance for my horsebox?

It is a legal requirement to have appropriate insurance for any vehicle driven on public roads and any trailer being drawn by a vehicle, and this includes horseboxes. It must at a bare minimum be third-party insurance, which means it will cover the repair costs of other parties if you have an accident that is your fault. Without insurance for a horsebox, you will not legally be able to drive or tow one. Aside from these legal requirements, third-party fire and theft insurance policies can give you peace of mind that you won’t be left facing expensive damages that you simply cannot afford should you cause an accident.

There is no legal requirement to have fully comprehensive insurance for your horsebox, but this would give you the best level of cover should you get into an accident. Fully comprehensive policies will pay for your own repair costs in addition to third parties if you have an accident that is your fault. Comprehensive insurance policies tend to be more expensive than third-party fire and theft, but many people deem them a worthwhile investment given how expensive it can be to repair or replace a damaged horsebox.

If you transport your horses in a horsebox regularly, particularly on long journeys and busy roads, fully comprehensive insurance is probably a good idea. If you only transport your horses very occasionally and therefore feel that your risk of having an accident is very low, you might prefer to save money with a cheaper third-party fire and theft policy to fulfil your legal obligation.

Does car insurance cover horsebox or horse trailers?

If you use your car to tow a horse trailer your car insurance might provide the third party public liability cover for damaged caused by the trailer, but it won’t cover damages to the trailer itself. For this reason, it is usually safer to take out a horsebox insurance policy when towing a horse trailer.

What are different levels of cover for horsebox insurance?

There are two main levels of insurance cover available – third-party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive.

Third-party fire and theft (TPFT) policies usually cover:

  • Damage to other vehicles if an accident is your fault
  • Accidental fire
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Personal injury claims of third parties involved in an accident that is your fault
  • Damage to public environments in an accident that is your fault

Fully comprehensive policies usually cover all of the above as well as the following:

  • Damage to your own vehicle if an accident is your fault
  • Damage to your own vehicle where neither party is proven to be at fault
  • Damage to your own vehicle caused by your horse
  • Vandalism
  • Windscreen repair

What is covered in a horsebox insurance policy?

We outlined above the basics of what is covered by horsebox insurance, but the details and wordings of policies vary from insurer to insurer. Plus, there are often additional extras that you can add to your policy for more protection. For example, the contents of the vehicle are not usually covered as standard, but you may be able to extend your policy at an extra cost. Breakdown and roadside assistance tend not to be covered unless you add this at an extra cost.

Business use of your horsebox is usually not covered in a basic social, domestic and pleasure policy. If you use your horsebox as part of a business you must declare this to your insurer and purchase a suitable business policy. Failure to do so may void your insurance policy. Similarly, if you hire out your horsebox to others to use, or if you charge others to transport their horses in your horsebox, you must purchase a hire and reward insurance policy.

It’s important to note that insurance for horseboxes does not cover injuries sustained by horses during transit. Instead, your separate horse insurance policy should provide adequate cover for this.

How much does it cost to insure my horsebox?

It’s impossible to say how much it costs to insure a horsebox because insurance companies assess risk based on lots of complex factors. First, it depends on your policy. Third-party fire and theft policies tend to be cheaper because they offer a lower level of protection compared to fully comprehensive insurance.

The market value of your horsebox will also play a role; the higher its value, the higher your premiums will be. Market value varies not only on the make and model of the vehicle but also on its age and mileage. Large and heavy horseboxes tend to cost more to insure than small ones.

The insured driver or driver also influences insurance costs. Most insurance providers expect drivers to be over 21 and will not insure anyone younger than this. Those that are willing to cover younger drivers often have higher premiums. You can usually insure multiple drivers for your horsebox, with each additional driver adding to the overall cost. Some policies may allow anyone to drive with the horsebox and these tend to be more expensive.

Your choice of excess will influence the cost of your insurance policy. The excess is the amount you will be liable for if you make a claim. Some policies have compulsory excesses and others don’t, but most give you the option of adding a voluntary excess too to reduce costs. Generally speaking, the higher you’re willing to take your excess, the cheaper your policy will become. However, you must feel sure that you can afford to pay the excess should you have to make a claim.

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