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Type of Insurance Policy For Senior Drivers UK

If you’re on the hunt for the best deals on car insurance and you’re a mature driver or over the age of 70, you need to check out the benefits of taking out a specialist car insurance policy for seniors. These insurances are geared towards older drivers, whether you’re male or female, and can be the most affordable option for any senior or mature driver.

About Senior and Mature Driver Insurance

Although there’s a common perception that older drivers are more careful, and have fewer accidents, insurance premiums tend to increase as you age. This makes it important to shop around when driver insurance needs renewing.

Premiums are unlikely to reach the kind of levels charged to younger drivers, however, they will definitely go up when you reach your 70s. This is primarily because insurers consider age-related sight or health problems start to creep in from this age. Although older drivers are not considered to be such a great risk for accidents, it is recognised that when accidents do happen they can tend to be of a serious nature. In addition, once any driver retires from the workplace, driving tends to become more infrequent. This leads to greater reliance on driving for social reasons, which insurers could class as a greater risk, due to drivers being unfamiliar with locations or destinations visited.

Type of Insurance Policy For Senior Drivers UK

Senior and Mature Driver Insurance UK: Renewal and Policy Tips

As noted above, you really do need to shop around for different policies, whether you’re a senior or mature driver. You’ll find there are policies on the market for drivers in the over 50s, over 60s, and over 70s categories. Many of these specialist policies include features that are particularly attractive to older drivers. These can include:

  • Emergency cover for any driver can be a boon in the event of serious, emergency health problems which could make it vital for another driver to take the wheel.
  • “Get you back home” cover is another useful addition to many policies for older drivers and does just what it says. If you are involved in any serious accident, this cover provides a limited amount of cash for emergency accommodations or for onward travel back home.

Some tips to bear in mind when shopping around for specialist mature and older driver insurances are:

  • Black box driver insurance could massively cut the costs of your insurance premium, as charges are based on your style and manner of driving.
  • Shop around for basic insurance, and cut out all the expensive optional extras that can cause premiums to mount up.
  • Increase the security of your vehicle to benefit from better rates.
  • If you’ve already retired, ensure your insurers are aware of any reductions to your estimated annual mileage.

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