Blog: March 18, 2020

Is it more expensive to insure an imported car?

It’s often difficult to source the best prices on insurance for imported cars, but the team here at Arkwright can help direct you to the best deals. It’s typically the case that imported cars are left hand drive, but this isn’t the real reason for difficulties in sourcing the right imported car insurance policy and we’ll go into more detail below:

Find out about Japanese imported car insurance at Arkwright

If you’ve imported a car from Japan it’s possible that your vehicle has a higher specification than a similar branded vehicle purchased for the same price in the UK. If this is the case, you can easily source the best insurance deals for your high spec Japanese car, as insurers will class it as a parallel model to what’s commonly available in the UK. Your premium is likely to around the same price as the same high spec model which has been purchased in the UK.

Where you may face higher premiums is if the spares for your Japanese manufactured car are unavailable in the UK and need to be imported. For example, if you own a high spec Japanese sports car which is not commonly found in the UK, any repairs are likely to entail the import of spares from Japan. Insurers term these vehicles “grey”. So, when your chosen insurer starts asking questions about your vehicle and wants to know if it’s a parallel or grey model, you now know what they are referring to.


Finding the right imported car insurance policy for any internationally-sourced vehicles

If your imported car comes from the United States, it’s highly likely to have a “grey” classification for insurance purposes. As already noted above, this means premiums will be significantly higher. Ultimately the availability of spares and body parts for your US vehicle will determine the price charged by your insurer. What’s more, many policies are customised to the vehicle to be covered, as your insurer needs to carry out extensive research into the likely availability of parts.

If, on the other hand, you own an EU-sourced vehicle which is left hand drive, but has exactly the same specification as other models already driven on UK road, your insurance may not be impacted at all. This type of parallel model will be far easier to cover, and prices will be around the same for similar UK models. Of course, the fact you purchased your vehicle in Europe was probably down to getting a higher spec model than you would get for the same price in the UK? Therefore, you have to accept that the insurance premium is based on the specification of the vehicle, and not on the price paid!

Get in touch with us today by calling us on 01204 392 525 or email us your details and we will call you back, if you want to talk through all your imported car insurance queries in more detail. We’re always happy to help, and can clarify any more of your queries about grey or parallel vehicles.

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